Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #8 (04/27/14)


Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #7 (04/12/14) first round selection Sammy Watkins. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the next Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy. Thanks to Fanspeak.com, I will now give you my most updated opinion of how the draft will play out for the Jags. The simulator uses all info given by each team of their needs and picks accordingly. When the Jag picks come up each round, I am able to then pick from all available players undrafted. Let me make it clear. I choose the players I think reflect the best available at the positions most desired. Free agency has definitely caused the picks to change for multiple teams, thus affecting the Jags picks. Because we are less than two weeks until the draft, I feel this will be the most informed mock draft yet. I will show my picks with a short explanation. My mindset of the Jags’ needs are QB, RB, WR, TE, OG, C, DE, DT, OLB, & FS. I was also keying on speed and special teams prowess. I will explain further other interesting things about each round in general when summarizing my picks. Special thanks to CBSsportsline for player rankings. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #8:

Special Note – I have chosen to perform this draft WITH trade mode activated. I will explain any trade made before each round.

Prior drafts :

Round one :

1. Houston Texans
Player Name   Jadeveon Clowney
Position, School    DE, South Carolina

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)

Player Name   Jake Matthews
Position, School     OT, Texas A&M

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Sammy Watkins (#1 at WR/#4 overall)
Position, School     WR, Clemson

Jag Note – I had multiple trade offers and was tempted. The more I hear about how Justin Blackmon‘s potential reinstatement possibilities are going, the more I feel that if a player of Watkin’s talent is available, then it is a no-brainer. On a sad note, my notorious “bro-mance” with Clowney comes to a tragic end.

4. Cleveland Browns
Player Name   Teddy Bridgewater
Position, School     QB, Louisville

5. Oakland Raiders
Player Name   Anthony Barr
Position, School     LB, UCLA

6. Atlanta Falcons
Player Name   Dee Ford
Position, School     DE, Auburn

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Player Name   Mike Evans
Position, School     WR, Texas A&M

8. Minnesota Vikings
Player Name   Blake Bortles
Position, School     QB, Central Florida

9. Buffalo Bills
Player Name   Taylor Lewan
Position, School     OT, Michigan

10. Detroit Lions
Player Name   Greg Robinson
Position, School     OT, Auburn

11. Tennessee Titans
Player Name   Deone Bucannon
Position, School     S, Washington State

12. New York Giants
Player Name   Stephon Tuitt
Position, School     DE/DT, Notre Dame

13. St. Louis Rams
Player Name   Khalil Mack
Position, School     OLB, Buffalo

14. Chicago Bears
Player Name   Louis Nix III
Position, School     DT, Notre Dame

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
Player Name   Aaron Donald
Position, School     DT, Pittsburgh

16. Dallas Cowboys
Player Name   Scott Crichton
Position, School     DE, Oregon State

17. Baltimore Ravens
Player Name   Justin Gilbert
Position, School     CB, Oklahoma State

18. New York Jets
Player Name   Trent Murphy
Position, School     DE/LB, Stanford

19. Miami Dolphins
Player Name   Zack Martin
Position, School      OG, Notre Dame

20. Arizona Cardinals
Player Name   Johnny Manziel
Position, School     QB, Texas A&M

21. Green Bay Packers
Player Name   Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Position, School     S, Alabama

22. Philadelphia Eagles
Player Name   Odell Beckham Jr.
Position, School     WR, LSU

23. Kansas City Chiefs
Player Name   Marqise Lee
Position, School      WR, USC

24. Cincinnati Bengals
Player Name   Calvin Pryor
Position, School     S, Louisville

25. San Diego Chargers
Player Name   Darqueze Dennard
Position, School     CB, Michigan State

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis)
Player Name   Xavier Su’a-Filo
Position, School     OG, UCLA

27. New Orleans Saints
Player Name   C.J. Mosley
Position, School     LB, Alabama

28. Carolina Panthers
Player Name   Cyrus Kouandjio
Position, School     OT, Alabama

29. New England Patriots
Player Name   Eric Ebron
Position, School     TE, UNC

30. San Francisco 49ers
Player Name   Brandin Cooks
Position, School     WR, Oregon State

31. Denver Broncos
Player Name   Jason Verrett
Position, School     CB, TCU

32. Seattle Seahawks
Player Name   Morgan Moses
Position, School      OT, Virginia

Interesting 1st round notes :

  • No players selected from the NCAA National Champions FSU team.
  • Things are starting to shape up like a typical NFL draft. Five DEs, five WRs, five OTs, & only three QBs. Three is the same amount taken as LBs, safeties, & CBs.
  • Maybe people are starting to question Khalil Mack like I have all along. I know most people won’t believe he could fall to 13th pick though. Mark my words…He will be overwhelmed by NFL talent he will be competing against.
  • Two OGs selected in the first round is pretty unusual also.

Round two : 


The Jags trade their #7 pick in the 2nd round to the Steelers for their #14 in the 2nd, #18 in the 4th, & #17 in the 5th.

46. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Kony Ealy (#3 at DE/#35 overall)
Position, School     DE/OLB, Missouri

Jag Note – (NICE VALUE PICK) I’ll be incredibly shocked if Ealy is here for this pick but I would be even more pleased. He is a high powered DE and will fit perfect in the “LEO” position in Coach Bradley’s defense. Rob Rang of CBSSPORTLINE compares Ealy to Robert Quinn…Who just happened to have 19 sacks in 2013, one less than the entire Jaguars team had in 2012!

Interesting 2nd round notes :

  • The Raiders got their QB at pick #36 with Derek Carr. He was the only QB selected in  the 2nd round.
  • A FSU player finally had his name called when Tim Jernigan was selected by the Cowboys at #47.
  • Four more OTs & three more OGs were selected in the 2nd round.
  • The picks were split right down the middle. Sixteen offense. Sixteen defense.
  • New Jaguar WR Sammy Watkins’ half brother, Jaylen, was selected #45 by the Lions. He is a CB out of Florida.

Third Round :


The Jags trade their #6 pick in the 3rd round to the Ravens for their #15 in the 3rd, 18th pick in the 6th, and a 4th round pick in the 2015 draft.

79. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Tre Mason (#1 at RB/#45 overall)
Position, School     RB, Auburn

Jag Note – (AWESOME VALUE PICK) This draft couldn’t be going any better. We got a #1 rated WR & RB. We got the #3 rated DE. All are positions of need and all will start immediately. Also…Maybe we could convince Tre to have his father’s group, rap icons De La Soul, to perform at halftime of a home game. Wouldn’t that be cool!!!! I traded down nine spots and still got the RB I wanted, another pick in the 6th round, and a fourth rounder for next year. Get me an Old Milwaukee…It don’t get no better than this!!!


Interesting 3rd round notes :

  • The Buccaneers got their QB at #69 (huh-huh Butthead laugh) in Jimmy Garoppolo. He was the only QB selected in the 3rd. QBs aren’t going as quickly as some experts thought.
  • After only one RB selected in the first two rounds, three were selected in the 3rd.
  • Mommas…Start feeding your boys everything in the fridge, cause you want them to be an OG, as four more were selected in the 3rd. Including centers and tackles, 11 “Big Uglies” were selected in the 3rd.
  • The Eagles better hope they still have a strong locker room now that Michael Vick is gone. Philly chose to bring in OT Seantrel Henderson. You know…the guy who was suspended three times while at Miami. (Do players really get suspended at Miami?!?) He has admitted it was marijuana related.  Oh…and he showed up at his Pro day, which is set up so you can really show yourself without Combine distractions, overweight and slow. He even left early because he was “light-headed and thought he was going to throw-up”…Good luck to anyone who drafts this malcontent!

Fourth Round :


The Jags send pick #5 in the 4th round to the Titans for their 12th pick in the 4th and their 10th pick in the 6th.

Note – The Jags will have three picks this round.

112. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   AJ McCarron (#8 at QB/#123 overall)
Position, School     QB, Alabama

Jag Note – (A slight but necessary reach) It was time to get my QB. It was between AJ and Aaron Murray. This was tough because I am a tremendous Bulldog fan, but I just feel that McCarron was the last QB available who is NFL ready now.

114. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Pierre Desir  (#12 at CB/#93 overall)
Position, School     CB, Lindenwood

Jag Note – ( Nice value pick) 6-1, 198 lbs, & adequate speed. He also has the 4th longest arms of all the CBs. Finally, he had 25 INTs in his college career & Robert Rang of CBSSPORTSLINE compares him to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie…That’s pretty good!

118. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Bryan Stork (#4 at OC/#154 overall)
Position, School     Center, FSU

Jag Note – (First visible reach) OK…I wanted a center who could walk in and start immediately. Stork could do that. After him, it was a little more dicey. So I reached when I saw he could go sooner than I anticipated. That’s the thing about the draft. Sometimes you have to reach to get someone you want or especially need.

Interesting fourth round notes  :

  • The Texans look pretty damn smart. They get Clowney in the first. An OLB and a OG in the 2nd and 3rd. Then to open the 4th round, they get their QB in Zach Mettenberger. At pick #101 no less. Pretty impressive! Along with the Jags pick, there were 2 QBs selected in the 4th round.
  • The RBs are getting hot as five went in the 4th round.
  • Six safeties were selected this round.
  • The Texans also selected safety Brock Vereen, the little brother of the Patriots RB Shane Vereen.
  • A lot of teams are closing their eyes and crossing their fingers. Five DEs were selected in the 4th round by teams looking for a diamond in the rough.

Round five :

NOTE – The Jags will have four picks in the 5th round.

144. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Charles Leno (#12 at OG/#201 overall)
Position, School     OG/OT, Boise State

Jag Note – (Incredible reach) This draft in a lot of ways has gone great for me but there has been issues. The “Big Uglies” have been going way too quickly. I think when the actual draft shakes out, some of these picks won’t seem quite so “reachy.” Leno is 6-4, 302 lbs, and has experience at both guard and tackle positions.

150. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Jordan Tripp (#9 at OLB/#92 overall)
Position, School     OLB, Montana

Jag Note – (Extreme value) Should be able to step in and start at the weakside LB position. Has experience and skill at both inside and outside positions. Some feel with good coaching, he could become a good pass rusher also. Much needed with the loss of Russell Allen.

157. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Caraun Reid (#11 at DT/#94 overall)
Position, School     DT, Princeton

Jag Note – (Ridiculous value pick!!!) GOD!!! I love this pick. He’s got great size, (6-2, 302 lbs) He had 20.5 sacks and 41 tackles for loss in his collegiate career. CBSSPORTSLINE lists one of his weaknesses is his intelligence, because he went to Princeton. I kinda like my athletes to be smart. Go check out his photo. He even looks like “Urkel” on steroids.

159. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Dri Archer (#16 at WR/#99 overall)
Position, School     WR/Special teams specialist, Kent State

Jag Note – This has been a great round. I love speed. This guy has it to burn. People are concerned about his slight size and his potential to get hurt. Hopefully, he is so fast that no one will be able to hit him! I also just noticed he was tied with 3 others in 3rd place as the strongest WRs at the combine, again stronger than Watkins. Instantly upgrades our punt and kickoff return grade. I said it before…This guy will eventually get the Jags their first ever punt return for a TD!

Interesting fifth round notes :

  • The Texans are starting to piss me off! They selected with their first pick of the fifth round De’Anthony Thomas, a player I contend will be the most exciting player entering the league.
  • I was considering taking a second QB early when Aaron Murray was still available in the fifth, but he was selected by the Redskins at pick #142. Together three QBs were selected in the fifth.
  • The first FB was selected when the Buccaneers selected Trey Millard with the #143 pick.
  • The dam broke on RBs as 6 were drafted in the fifth round.
  • The Titans are needing to replace Chris Johnson. They selected Terrence West in the 4th and selected Storm Johnson in the 5th.

Sixth Round

TRADE I couldn’t believe some of the players still available. I WANTED MORE PICKS!!! The Jags trade their 29th pick in the sixth round to the Cowboys for their #14 & #23 picks in the 7th.

NOTE – The Jags will still have three picks in the round.

179. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Jeff Janis (#27 at WR/#195 overall)
Position, School     WR, Saginaw Valley

Jag Note – (Tiny reach) The Jags have too many smallish, fast guys that are getting the crap beat out of them by this new breed of over six foot tall DBs. I wanted someone with a little length on them, good if not great hands, and to not have to sacrifice speed. Ladies and gents, introducing Jeff Janis. I have been in love with this kid since I watched him not drop ONE PASS during the combine. He’s also 6-3 and 219 lbs. Oh…did I mention he was the 13th fastest WR at the combine. His time was even faster than our other new WR Sammy Watkins. I appear to be alone in my obsession with Janis. I think he could be the next Eric Decker.

186. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Larry Webster (#12 at TE/#216 overall)
Position, School     DE, Bloomsburg

Jag Note – (Big reach but no balls, no blue chips!) No, this is not a misprint. Webster has chosen to list himself as a TE. But he is most definitely a DE. A successful basketball player, he decided to play football for his last year of eligibility. He then put up 13.5 sacks with an additional 15 tackles behind the line. He is 6-6, 252 lbs, and yet ran a 4.58 time in the 40. Those are ridiculous numbers. He is considered a project and is listed as TE because they say he is too lanky. So was Simeon Rice, Justin Tuck, & Jevon Kearse. With our coaching staff and conditioning coach, Webster would be in good hands.

194. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Shaquille Richardson (#24 at CB/#169 overall)
Position, School     CB, Arizona

Jag Note – (Great value) Six foot tall. Fast as lightning. Under the radar because he wasn’t invited to the combine. This guy has Coach Bradley written all over him. At 194 lbs, if he washes out at CB, put a little meat on him and convert him to FS.

Interesting sixth round notes :

  • Only one QB (Stephen Morris, #212, Bengals) was selected in the 6th round.
  • OK. I’m starting to get an idea of the math. So you get arrested for possession of marijuana and bath salts, You accept a plea bargain for no charges if you help the police as an informant. You then proceed to completely cut off communication with the police, to where they are ready to refile the original charges. If you are Florida CB Loucheiz Purifoy, instead of going in the pick #85 to #110 range, you are selected #184 by the Vikings. That’s a pretty decent fall off. I’m sure he will learn his lesson. Most former Gators with criminal pasts come to the NFL and straighten their life’s up…RIGHT?
  • Speaking of troubled athletes, the Bucs selected former Oregon Duck TE Colt Lyerla with the very next pick (#185). This is a player who is said to have 1st round talent. He also had his driving privileges taken per multiple infractions. He missed a game for “stomach problems” that was later called into question. He quit the team in October of last year for “Personal Reasons.” It came to a head when Colt was arrested in December when police witnessed him in a car sniffing a “white, powdery substance”, which Colt later admitted was cocaine. He damaged his relationship with the University of Oregon so severely that he was not allowed to attend Oregon’s Pro Day. Again, the Bucs don’t need to worry. It’s not like anything bad has happened to a NFL TE who had a criminal past in college. Right?

Seventh Round

NOTE – The Jags have three picks in the final round.

222. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   John Brown (#23 at WR/#162 overall)
Position, School     WR, Pittsburgh State

Jag Note – (Extreme value pick) Under the radar. Slight build and only 5-10. But MY LORD, the SPEED!! This young man ran a 4.34 at the combine, the 3rd fastest time. He had 34 starts in his college career as a WR and a kick returner. He managed to score 45 TDs in those starts. This kids treats TDs like blood in the water. And he’s fast enough to minimize the hard hits that come in the NFL. If you believe in these things, think about this. The greatest WR in Jag history had a boring name too. Jimmy Smith…John Brown. I’m just sayin’!!!

229. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Tyler Larsen (#7 at oC/#264 overall)
Position, School     OC, Utah State

Jag Note – (Slight reach) Totally a luxury pick. Already selected both a center and guard earlier in the draft. I like this kid because he can play both, he is a mauler, & he plays a little nasty! He also has played 51 games in a row, so he obviously is healthy. Most importantly, as we have discovered over the years, you can’t have enough linemen. Especially ones who can fill multiple roles.

238. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name   Tom Savage (#5 at QB/#31 overall)
Position, School     QB, Pittsburgh

Jag Note – (Unrealistic bargain pick) I had made the decision that I would be taking two QBs early. There was just too many other players that appealed to me at the time. Let me explain how this simulator works. There are multiple big boards that are available to use for your draft. The big board I used for this draft was one I hadn’t used before. When I got to the 6th round and knew Savage hadn’t been selected yet, I went to see his ranking. It was WAY too low. I am not an idiot. I KNOW TOM SAVAGE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE #238TH PICK! I still have to do what the simulator gave me. So with that out there, this was an easy pick. This is where you pick someone who is a project. Someone you’re probably going to do the  NFL version of a “Redshirt” year with. Savage is said to have the strongest arm in the draft by some. He needs help in just about every other area.

Interesting seventh round notes :

  • Along with the Jags selection, only one other QB was selected in the seventh round. All totaled there were 13 QBs selected. The Browns (Bridgewater & Boyd), The Vikings (Bortles & Thomas) & the Jags (McCarron & Savage) all selected two QBs.
  • The Browns selected the first PK, Chris Boswell, at pick #218.
  • The Rams selected the first punter, Pat O’Donnell, at pick #241.
  • TE Trent Murphy, son of Atlanta Braves all time great Dale Murphy, was selected #227 by the Lions. He can go compete against Christian Fauria‘s son, Joseph.
  • The CBs coming in from Florida are really paying for their sins. Marcus Roberson was once looked at as a possible first round selection. Then his medical history knocked him down to more of a 3rd to 4th round selection. Then background checks and interviews brought up a suspension for violating team rules, an alcohol related arrest, and suspicion of failed drug tests. Thus Roberson drops all the way to #228 to the Titans.
  • Openly gay DE Michael Sam was picked #248 by the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Mr. Irrelevant? DT Jay Bromley to the Texans.

What have we learned from the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #8?

  • With Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #8, we have covered the needs at QB, RB, WR, OG, OC, DE, DT, OLB, CB, & special teams returner. That would mean OT, TE, ILB, & FS were not addressed. I believe if our drafted OGs show up well enough to start, then Pasztor could remain at OT, thus eliminating that issue. FS & possibly TE could be nailed with UFAs. ILB will still have to be addressed free agency probably.
  • Eight of our SIXTEEN draft picks would be players who are rated in the top ten at their position, This draft would not only fill our open position needs but would help us prepare for the future, along with giving us a potential QB to trade down the road if both prove successful.
  • I got possibly the best WR to enter the league since Megatron. Hard hitting and skilled defensive players. I drafted a proven winner and a high ceiling potential player at the QB position. I have brains, leaders, and very coachable players that will fit in our system immediately. I also drafted 2 of the fastest players entering the league. All together, an amazingly strong draft.

I hope you will come back next time and see what happens when I perform Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #9.

Please tell me what you think of Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #8 as a whole.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #8…by Michael McDonald.

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