Jacksonville Jaguar 2014 Mock Draft By Gumbussy #3 (02/10/2014)


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Thanks to Fanspeak.com and their programmers, I will now give you my most updated opinion of how the draft will play out for the Jags. The simulator uses all info given by each team of their needs and picks accordingly. When the Jag picks come up each round, I am able to then pick from all available players undrafted. Let me make it clear. I chose the players I thought reflected the best available at the positions most desired. I will try to perform a draft every few weeks so that hopefully, with each new bit of info released on Jag moves and players entering, my picks will become more and more educated. The Senior Bowl week has definitely caused the picks to change for multiple teams, thus affecting the Jags picks. I will show my picks with a short explanation. I will show previous picks if they have changed. I will also give a few players that I considered before I went with my pick.

Just so you understand where my mindset is, the Jags’ needs I was looking to fill were QB, RB, WR, TE, OG, C, DE, DT, OLB, & FS. I was also keying on speed and punt returning abilities. I will explain further when summarizing my picks. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the 2014 Gumbussy NFL Draft Version 3…The Jags are again on the clock!

Round One/ #3 – Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina, 6-5/274 lbs –Currently ranked #1 at the DE position. I think I have given my firm decision on this pick. I’m as nervous as anyone that football may not be this kids highest priority, but the potential is just too vast to not pull the trigger. (Same pick as Mock Draft By Gumbussy #1 & Mock Draft By Gumbussy #2)

Players that tempted –

  • Blake Bortles (#20 to Arizona) & Johnny Manziel (#26 to Cleveland) – This team needs a QB. I think Bortles will be an outstanding NFL QB. I also think he could be in the Romo, Ryan, & Dalton area. Good enough to get to playoffs but incapable of winning the big game. Manziel is just a cool guy who will sell tickets, make every game exciting, and win a few games that he shouldn’t with sheer moxie. That is not the definition of a consistent NFL winner. I’ll stick with the guy that will plant these two in the ground one day.

Round Two/ #39 – Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville, 6-2/208 lbs – Currently ranked #2 at the FS position. This appears to be an amazing athlete who has tremendous upside. Bradley’s ideal height & weight. Hard hitter but quick for his size. Combine him with SS Johnathon Cyprien and we have the best young safety tandem in the NFL. (Tre Mason taken in Mock Draft By Gumbussy #1 & Mock Draft By Gumbussy #2/Selected #65 by Houston)

  • Carl Bradford, OLB (#43 to the NY Giants) Bradford has played OLB, ILB, and DE. Sounds like a “Leo” to me. Smallish (6-1/243), but had 8.5 sacks & 18 tackles for loss last year. Rob Rang of CBS Sportsline compared him to Brandon Spikes.
  • Xavier Su’a-filo, OG (#47 to Miami) Too high for a OG. I really like this guy though.

Round Three/ #70 – Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State, 5-11/192 – Currently ranked #5 at the CB position. OK…First the negatives. A little shorter than Coach Bradley cares for. Still currently recovering from a knee injury he received in December. Now the good news…Lightening fast. Doesn’t get pushed around like you’d assume at his size. Last year had 63 tackles, 2 blocked punts, 3 INTs, & 13 passes defended. That’s impressive at ANY size. (Daniel McCullers picked in Gumbussy #1/Selected #152 by Bengals) (Kelcy Quarles picked in Gumbussy #2/ See next pick!)

  • Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB (#75 to St. Louis) I like Stanley and he is the correct height for our scheme. But he isn’t nearly as fast and shockingly not known for being physical. I’ll stick with Roby.
  • Arthur Lynch, TE (#80 to NY Jets) I am still looking for a TE that will make it possible to separate from Marcedes Lewis. Lynch is a fine target, especially when needing a first down or the red zone. Where he really adds value is as a blocker. I just couldn’t deny Roby.

Round Four/ #101 – Kelcy Quarles, DT, South Carolina, 6-3/298 – Currently ranked #8 at the DT position. – Very pleased to see Quarles available here as I selected him in the 3rd round last mock. What’s great about this guy is he put up MONSTER numbers in college but never got credit because they said it was because Clowney got double-teamed, leaving less blockers for him. Well guess what? If this pick happens, thenhe will have Clowney to thank when he makes the all-rookie team. (Dion Bailey picked in Gumbussy #1/Selected #127 by Denver) (Jaylen Watkins picked in Gumbussy #2/Selected #105 by Buffalo)

  • Donte Moncrief, WR (#102 to Cleveland) Nice size at 6-2/226. Faster than he appears. I just wanted a DT more.

Round Four/ #110 – Charles Sims, RB, West Virginia,  6-0/214Currently ranked #9 at the RB position. If Sims is available here, then this would be a STEAL. One of the better pass catching RBs this year. A true chance to be a full time RB that stays on the field on 3rd down. I still love Jordan Todman but let’s not put all the load on him if MJD bolts. (Tyler Larsen picked in Gumbussy #1/ See fifth round) (Jimmy Garoppolo picked in Gumbussy #2/ Selected #119 by Cincinnati)

  • Marcus Martin, C (#123 to Cleveland) Hybrid player who could play C or OG. Big, physical, and known to be a little nasty. We need more of that. Rob Rang of CBS Sportsline compared him to Alex Mack. ESPN.com has reported that the Jags may be pursuing the All-Pro center Mack from the Browns. Couldn’t leave a RB of this caliber for another team.

Round Five/ #132 –  Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia, 6-1/201Currently ranked #8 at the QB position. OK. We got our QB. Say what you want

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

about this guy but he is one of the most successful QBs in the HISTORY of the SEC. That’s saying a lot. Word is the many coaches and scouts walked away from the Senior Bowl feeling as good after just talking to Murray than they felt after watching some of the other QBs actually play. (Aaron Murray picked in Gumbussy #1) (Jordan Tripp picked in Gumbussy #2/ Selected #100 by Tampa Bay)

  • Ed Stinson, DE (#134 by Seattle) It never hurts to have multiple DEs. Maybe we could move Alualu back to DT…or to another team.

Round Five/ #138 – Josh Huff, WR, Oregon, 5-11/211 – Currently ranked #16 at the WR position. I don’t love this pick only because I feel the Jags are choking on all the short receivers. I would have liked to find a WR taller than 6-2 but I couldn’t deny this guy’s speed & route running. My goal from this draft was to collect a bunch of speedy guys. This guy fits the bill. (Jacob Pederson picked in Gumbussy #1 & #2/ Selected #155 by New Orleans)

  • Satisfied with this pick.

Round Five/ #147 -Tyler Larsen, C, Utah State, 6-4/317  – Currently ranked #5 at the C position. With Meester’s retirement, we have a void. Mike Brewster is currently the starter but hasn’t proven to be worth more than the undrafted free agent he came to the Jags as. (De’Anthony Thomas picked in Gumbussy #1/see next pick) (Bashaud Breeland picked in Gumbussy #2/ Selected #121 by San Diego)

  • Daniel McCullers, DT (#148 by Arizona) Again…And I don’t want to beat a dead horse…But if this helps us move forward with Alualu, then it was a pick that interested me.
  • Brent Urban, DE (#154 by Indy) Luxury pick but this player makes no sense! He is 6-6, 298 pounds, and is called “quick”. I need to watch some tape on this guy but color me intrigued.
  • Jacob Pederson, TE (#155 by New Orleans) This player really hit my radar with his play at the Senior Bowl. He had 4 catches for 46 yards including a 25 yarder. That’s good production against basically an All-Star team.
  • David Fales, QB (#160 by Seattle) Another player who has received a huge boost from the Senior Bowl. The question is will Fales be the next Russell Wilson…or the next Matt Scott.

Round Six/ #163 – De’Anthony Thomas, RB, Oregon,  5-9/170 lbsCurrently ranked #18 at the RB position. I haven’t done a draft yet without taking this dynamic player. I am going on record stating that Thomas will be one of the most exciting rookies of 2014. (Devon Kennard picked in Gumbussy #1/ Not selected in Gumbussy #3) (Same pick as Gumbussy #2)

  • Bruce Ellington, WR (#165 by Oakland) Ellington reminds me of a MJD at WR. He is 5-9 and 196 pounds. Not incredibly fast but very hard to bring down. Some periodicals have him going as early as the 3rd round. Rob Rang of CBS Sportsline compared him to Randall Cobb. I can’t wait to see what Ellington does at the combine.
  • Prince Shembo, OLB (#168 by Minnesota) A good Linebacker from an outstanding Notre Dame defense. Had 19 QB hurries last year. Very raw but I’m sure coach Bradley can refine him.

Round Seven/#199 – Jake Murphy, TE,  Utah, 6-4/252Currently ranked #16 at the TE position. Jake Murphy is a 7th round TE that could be a true steal. He is a good size, blocks well, and has soft hands. What he lacks in speed he makes up for with precise route running and a general knack of fighting for the catch. His senior year was marred by a broken wrist, yet he still caught 25 passes for 417 yards. He also pulled in 5 TDs. If he can continue his growth, then he will be an outstanding NFL-caliber TE. Rob Rang of CBS Sportsline compared him to Dennis Pitta! Wow!!!

  •  Walt Aikens, CB (#200 by Minnesota) Aikens is 6-1 and weighs 205. Excelled at small college Liberty, but began his collegiate career at Illinois. Showed great at the Senior Bowl. Only negative is he was arrested for theft his freshman year and spent time in jail. Hopefully he has matured in life like he has in football.
  •  Aaron Colvin, CB (#213 by Green Bay) Anticipated first round CB who unfortunately tore his ACL at the Senior Bowl. Much like Marcus Lattimore last year, whoever drafts Colvin will in effect be giving him a redshirt year in 2014 while he rehabs. It’s too bad the Jags are not in a position to draft him & reap the benefits in 2015.

So what have we learned from mock draft 3? Someone will have to trade with the Rams for the Jags to not have a choice between Clowney and Bridgewater. I have expressed my desire for Clowney once…twice…three times a Clowney. (Sorry.) I definitely prefer the third mock much more than the first two mocks because this one accomplishes multiple goals. What I particularly like is that seven of our ten picks are players rated in the top ten at their position. Unlike the first two mocks I performed, I don’t feel like I reached for any pick. Please tell me what you think of Gumbussy #3.

Player ranking compiled by CBS Sportsline. Thank You.

Mock Draft #3…by Michael “I appear to have a Bromance with Jadeveon Clowney” McDonald.

Since I have received no feedback, I will assume I am the greatest Mock Drafter…IN THE WORLD!!! Tell me I’m wrong on Twitter @gumbussy.