Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #7 (04/12/14)


Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #7 first round pick Jadeveon Clowney. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the next Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy. Thanks to Fanspeak.com, I will now give you my most updated opinion of how the draft will play out for the Jags. The simulator uses all info given by each team of their needs and picks accordingly. When the Jag picks come up each round, I am able to then pick from all available players undrafted. Let me make it clear. I choose the players I think reflect the best available at the positions most desired. Free agency has definitely caused the picks to change for multiple teams, thus affecting the Jags picks. Because I completed this mock after free agency started, I feel this will be the most informed mock draft yet. I will show my picks with a short explanation. I will also give a few players that I considered before I went with my pick. My mindset of the Jags’ needs are QB, RB, WR, TE, OG, C, DE, DT, OLB, & FS. I was also keying on speed and special teams prowess. I will explain further when summarizing my picks. Special thanks to CBSsportsline for player rankings. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #7:

Special Note – I have chosen to perform this draft WITHOUT trade mode activated. I will return to that on the next mock.

Prior drafts :

Round One :

1. Houston Texans
Player Name     BLAKE BORTLES
Position, School     QB, Central Florida

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Player Name      SAMMY WATKINS
Position, School     WR, Clemson

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Position, School     DE, South Carolina

Jax Note – Ranked #1 at the DE position. Ranked overall #1 by some experts. I can say with 100% confidence and clarity that if Clowney is available at #3 the Jags will NOT trade down. There is no one else I would take in this situation.

4. Cleveland Browns
Player Name     MIKE EVANS
Position, School     WR, Texas A&M

5. Oakland Raiders
Player Name     DEE FORD
Position, School     OLB, Auburn

6. Atlanta Falcons
Player Name     JAKE MATTHEWS
Position, School     OT, Texas A&M

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Player Name     ANTHONY BARR
Position, School     OLB, UCLA

8. Minnesota Vikings
Position, School     QB, Louisville

9. Buffalo Bills
Player Name    CALVIN PRYOR
Position, School     FS , Louisville

10. Detroit Lions
Position, School     CB, Michigan State

11. Tennessee Titans
Player Name    GREG ROBINSON
Position, School     OT, Auburn

12. New York Giants
Player Name     KONY EALY
Position, School     DE, Missouri

13. St. Louis Rams
Player Name     KHALIL MACK
Position, School      OLB, Buffalo

14. Chicago Bears
Player Name     AARON DONALD
Position, School      DT, Pittsburgh

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
Player Name     TAYLOR LEWAN
Position, School     OT, Michigan

16. Dallas Cowboys
Player Name     SCOTT CRICHTON
Position, School     DE, Oregon State

17. Baltimore Ravens
Player Name     BRANDIN COOKS
Position, School     WR, Oregon State

18. New York Jets
Player Name     ERIC EBRON
Position, School     TE, North Carolina

19. Miami Dolphins
Player Name     XAVIER SU’A-FILO
Position, School     OG, UCLA

20. Arizona Cardinals
Player Name      DEREK CARR
Position, School     QB, Fresno State

21. Green Bay Packers
Position, School     CB, Alabama

22. Philadelphia Eagles
Player Name    RYAN SHAZIER
Position, School     OLB, Ohio State

23. Kansas City Chiefs
Player Name    ODELL BECKHAM JR.
Position, School     WR, LSU

24. Cincinnati Bengals
Player Name    JIMMIE WARD
Position, School     SS, Northern Illinois

25. San Diego Chargers
Player Name     LOUIS NIX III
Position, School     DT, Notre Dame

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis)
Player Name     JOHNNY MANZIEL
Position, School     QB, Texas A&M

27. New Orleans Saints
Player Name     JUSTIN GILBERT
Position, School     CB, Oklahoma State

28. Carolina Panthers
Player Name    ZACK MARTIN
Position, School     OT, Notre Dame

29. New England Patriots
Player Name     TIMMY JERNIGAN
Position, School     DT, FSU

30. San Francisco 49ers
Player Name     JASON VERRETT
Position, School     CB, TCU

31. Denver Broncos
Player Name     KYLE FULLER
Position, School     CB, Virginia Tech

32. Seattle Seahawks
Player Name    GABE JACKSON
Position, School     OG, Mississippi State

Round one notes –

  1. The four anticipated QBs to be selected in the first round were in fact taken.
  2. There were six interior lineman selected, which was higher than I expected.
  3. Say what you want about the SEC being over-rated, but ten of the 32 players selected were from that conference.
  4. The Browns would get their franchise QB in Manziel and his favorite WR with the drafting of Mike Evans.
  5. With the selections of Sammy Watkins (#2) & Khalil Mack (#13), the Rams would have taken the #1 ranked players at their given positions.

Round Two :

39. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     TRE MASON
Position, School     RB, Auburn

Jax Note – Rated #1 at the RB position. Rated #43 overall. I really didn’t want to go RB this early but I feel very confident that Mason will end up being the most complete RB entering the league this year. With the free agency signing of Gerhart, it will take the pressure off of Mason and will let him grow at his own pace. I was tempted by OT Joel Bitonio (#44) & QB Zach Mettenberger (#69). I would not regret going this way.

Round two notes –

  • No QBs were selected in the second round shockingly.
  • Six more interior linemen selected.
  • The Vikings selected WR Marqise Lee to catch passes from new QB Teddy Bridgewater.
  • The first RB was drafted at #39 (Tre Mason to the Jags).
  • A symptom of the modern pass happy NFL, there has already been 11 DBs selected in the first two rounds.

Round Three :

70. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     KELCY QUARLES
Position, School     DT, South Carolina

Jax Notes – Rated #8 at the DT position. Rated #73 overall. I again would have liked to have waited a round before addressing DT but Quarles is a DT that I believe has the best shot at pressuring the QB while still being a run-stuffer. A lot of the DTs coming in this year seem to be one-dimensional. While DT isn’t a pressing issue in 2014, I think with a talent like Quarles it behooves us to prepare. Roy Miller isn’t getting any younger.  I will admit I was ready to go Mettenberger with this pick but he was selected the pick previous to mine by the Buccaneers. After this pick, I was disappointed to see so many OLs taken that I hoped would be available in the fourth. I liked OT Antonio Richardson (#74), OG Dakota Dozier (#76), OT Cyrus Kouandjio (#79), & center Travis Swanson (#83). If the real draft is anything like this mock, then the Jags will need to address OL a little sooner than anticipated.

Round three notes –

  • Two more QBs went off the board this round with Garoppolo (#67) to the Raiders & Mettenberger (#69) to the Bucs.
  • The dam broke on interior offensive linemen as 9 were taken in this round.
  • A further 6 DBs were taken in this round.

Round Four : 

105. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     A.J. MCCARRON
Position, School     QB, Alabama

Jax notes – Ranked #7 at the QB position. Ranked #108 overall. It was time for the QB. The drop off from McCarron to the next QB on the board (Brett Smith) was considerable. McCarron in my opinion was the last NFL ready QB available. The rest would be projects. I might have been able to wait until next pick (#114) to take QB but I didn’t want to risk it. A.J. is a proven winner and showed well at the Combine, as well as his pro day. I have no qualms about this selection. I am though disappointed that three players I was targeting for our next pick went before I could take them (#106 FS Craig Loston/ #110 CB Pierre Desir/ #113 WR Josh Huff).

114. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name    Marcus Martin
Position, School     C, USC

Jax Note – Ranked #2 at the center position. Ranked #75 overall (GREAT VALUE). This pick probably goes away if we are able to acquire Alex Mack via free agency. Possibly not because this is a damn good player to select this late in the draft. I hated missing out on OT Austin Wentworth (#124) because he was the last tackle that I feel can start immediately. I’m a big fan of ILB Yawin Smallwood (#126).

Round four notes –

  • The Jags selected the only QB in this round.
  • This was the round of the RBs as 6 were selected.
  • Again…DBs are very popular with 9 selected overall in this round.

Round Five :

144. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     Jeff Janis
Position, School     WR, Saginaw Valley State

Jax Note – Ranked #27 at the WR position. Ranked #192 overall. I was SO glad to see Janis still available at this point. This is a WR that I have really strong faith in that he has the game that will translate in the NFL. He also has what the Jags need in a WR right now in that he is tall (6-3), sturdy (219 lbs), and fast (4.42 in the 40/faster than Sammy Watkins!) I WANT THIS GUY!!! There is no one else I would take in this position.

150. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     Walt Aikins
Position, School     CB, Liberty

Jax Note – Ranked #22 at the CB position. Ranked #150 overall. Drafting a CB here was a luxury but Aikins is the perfect prospect. He is 6-1, ran a 4.49 at his personal workout, and because he came from a small college (Liberty), he should still be available at this point of the draft. Plus it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the future and to depth.

159. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     Tom Savage
Position, School     QB, Pittsburgh

Jax Note – Ranked #9 at the QB position. Ranked #167 overall. OK…Why did I do this? I’m not sure either. I have faith in McCarron, but Savage is the up and coming guy, has a classic QB build (6-4, 228), a cannon for an arm, and his weaknesses (inexperience, staring down receivers, weak footwork) are all things that can be rectified with good coaching. There was just no way I couldn’t take Savage if he was still available here.

Round Five Notes –

  • Five more QBs were selected this round. (Brett Smith #142 to the Redskins/Aaron Murray #156 to the Bears/Tom Savage #159 to the Jags/David Fales #160 to the Cardinals/Tajh Boyd #161 to the Packers)
  • Along with the Jags, the Cardinals also selected two QBs with David Carr & David Fales.
  • The Bucs selected RB De’Anthony Thomas (#154), one of the more exciting and fast players coming into the league. The Jets fans will probably still boo. Idiots!

Round Six :

179. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     Dri Archer
Position, School    WR, Kent State

Jax Note – Ranked #17 at the WR position. Ranked #109 overall. HOLY CRAP!!! Look where I got this guy! Yeah, I know he’s small (5-8, 173 lbs), but he has that proverbial thing that can’t be coached…ridiculous speed. He had the fastest 40 time at the combine (4.26!!), the fastest time since Chris Johnson. He has played RB, WR, and both kick & punt returner. I promise you if he can keep from getting hurt, he will get the Jags their first ever punt return for a TD.

205. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     Jake Murphy
Position, School     TE, Utah

Jax Note – Ranked #10 at the TE position. Ranked #198 overall. I have made it clear for quite a while that I would LOVE to see the Jags release Marcedes Lewis and his enormous salary. This would ease the pain. This kid is NFL ready. He can run block, pass protect, and has hands as soft as butter. He is also the son of Atlanta Braves great Dale Murphy, so he should be a great athlete and an even better person!

Round Six Notes –

  • Only one QB (Logan Thomas #180 to the Browns) went this round. That was their second QB after Johnny Manziel.
  • DE Michael Sam went #185 to the Bucs.
  • Teams are obviously hoping to find OLs at bargain prices as seven are selected in this round.

Round Seven :

222. Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Name     Justin Britt
Position, School     OT, Missouri

Jax Note – Ranked #17 at the tackle position. Ranked #196 overall. Nice pickup this late. Great size (6-6, 325 lbs) who has played for a major SEC school. Rob Rang of CBSSports called him a “Day three Sleeper” who could “Contribute early in his pro career.” I like the sound of that.

Round Seven Notes –

  • The last two QBs were drafted (Conner Shaw #213 to the Jets & Keith Wenning #214 to the Rams). All together fifteen QBs were selected. The Cardinals, Browns, & Jags drafted two each.
  • Wow…OT Seantrel Henderson, from the University of Miami, at one time was looked upon as a potential top three rounds draft pick. Funny how showing nothing at the combine, admitting three suspensions you experienced in college were drug related, showing up overweight at your pro day, and having to quit early because you felt like you were going to “Throw up” can cause you to go #240 overall. Some kids just don’t get it!
  •  Out of 256 players picked, 51 were DBs, while 33 WRs were taken. This is a passing league for sure!
  • Mr Irrelevant?  TE Marcel Jensen going #256 to the Houston Texans.

What have we learned from the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #7?

  • With Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #7, we have covered the needs at QB, RB, WR, TE, OT, OC, DE, DT, CB, & special teams returner. That would mean OG, OLB, & FS were not addressed. I believe it our drafted OT showed up well enough to start, then Pasztor could move back to guard, thus eliminating that issue. Both OG and FS could be nailed with UFAs. OLB will still have to be addressed free agency probably.
  • Seven of our eleven draft picks would be players who are rated in the top ten at their position, This draft would not only fill our open position needs but would help us prepare for the future, along with giving us a potential QB to trade down the road if both prove successful.
  • I got possibly the best DE to enter the league in a decade. Hard hitting and skilled defensive players. I drafted a proven winner and a high ceiling potential player at the QB position. I have speed, brains, leaders, and very coachable players that will fit in our system immediately. All together, a strong draft.

I hope you will come back next time and see what happens when I perform Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #8.

Please tell me what you think of Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #7 as a whole.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #6…by Michael McDonald.

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