Jacksonville Jaguar 2014 Mock Draft By Gumbussy #2 (01/31/2014)


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Thanks to Fanspeak.com and their programmers, I will now give you my most updated opinion of how the draft will play out for the Jags. The simulator uses all info given by each team of their needs and picks accordingly. When the Jag picks come up each round, I am able to then pick from all available players undrafted. Let me make it clear. I chose the players I thought reflected the best available at the positions most desired. I will try to perform a draft every few weeks so that hopefully, with each new bit of info released on Jag moves and players entering, my picks will become more and more educated. The Senior Bowl week has definitely caused the picks to change for multiple teams, thus affecting the Jags picks. I will show my picks with a short explanation. I will show previous picks if they have changed. I will also give a few players that I considered before I went with my pick.

Just so you understand where my mindset is, the Jags’ needs I was looking to fill were QB, RB, WR, TE, OG, C, DE, DT, OLB, & FS. I was also keying on speed and punt returning abilities. I will explain further when summarizing my picks. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the 2014 Gumbussy NFL Draft Version 2…The Jags are again on the clock!

Round One/ #3 – Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina, 6-5/274 lbs – Currently ranked #1 at the DE position. The Jags have never been in a position to draft an elite pass-rusher like Clowney. I can’t see them passing it up. I hope a team doesn’t trade up to #2 and steal him from underneath us. (Same pick as Mock Draft By Gumbussy #1)

Players that tempted

  • Teddy Bridgewater, QB, picked 4th by the Browns. I didn’t take this much needed potential franchise QB because I’m still not convinced he in fact is one. Looking forward to his combine performance.
  • Anthony Barr, OLB, picked 9th by the Bills. Though I’m impressed with this kid, I couldn’t bring myself to take him at three. to many other positions of need.

Round Two/ #39 – Tre Mason, RB, Auburn, 5-9/205 lbs Currently ranked #2 at the RB position. RB may not be pressing issue. There was no way I was not going to take Mason. Speed and power in a compact package. What was once unusual (smallish RBs) is now the norm and all the rage. (Same pick as Mock Draft By Gumbussy #1)

  • Timmy Jernigan, DT, picked 40 by the Vikings. Lots of people say he has amazing upside. That is because he has very limited playing time. He could turn out to be like FSU’s Bjoern Werner, selected 24th overall last year by the Colts though he also had very limited playing experience. He finished the year with 18 tackles and 2.5 sacks. Two of those sacks came in the last 3 weeks of the season. Weak return on such a high pick. He does appear to be a beast though.
  • Calvin Pryor, FS, picked 41st by the Bills. Like this player a lot! Perfect size for the Gus Bradley defensive backfield. I just pull the trigger on a FS in the second round. No matter how high I am on the kid. FS pick is only for depth anyway.
  • Xavier Su’a-filo, OG, picked 50th by the Dolphins. Too high for a OG in this draft though this guy will be in the league for a long time.

Round Three/ #70 – Kelcy Quarles, DT, South Carolina, 6-3/298 – Currently ranked #8 at the DT position. I think Quarles fits the Jags’ defensive needs. He is physical, but surprisingly quick. Currently the 3rd fastest DT.  Isn’t getting respect deserved because people say he only excelled because Clowney was the focus of opposing offenses. Clowney missed a TON of action last year and Quarles still has 9.5 sacks. I’d be pleased as punch if he were available. (Daniel McCullers picked in Gumbussy #1/Selected #152 by Bengals)

  • Kyle Fuller, CB, picked 71st by Browns. He is currently ranked 7th at his position, is the 8th fastest, stands 6 ft tall, and played four years at “defensive back” university, Virginia Tech. I went back and forth on this one and went with the DT because the drop off was more considerable than at CB. Might regret that decision.

Round Four/ #101 – Jaylen Watkins , CB, Florida, 6-0/194 – Currently ranked #16 at the CB position. Very pleased to see Watkins available here. Has the right size for Gus Bradley’s defensive scheme. 15th fastest CB in the draft. Played all the DB positions at Florida. Known for being a hard hitter and an unselfish teammate who will play where he is needed. Plus it never hurts to please those damn Gator fans! (Dion Bailey picked in Gumbussy #1/Selected #113 by the Bears)

  • Craig Loston, FS, picked 106 to the Rams. I am a big fan of Loston and think he will be awesome at the next level. I just like Watkins more.

Round Four/ #110 – Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois, 6-2/219 – Currently ranked #5 at the QB position. I really didn’t plan on taking this QB but he appears to be too good to pass up at this point of the draft. Shockingly, after underwhelming at the Senior Bowl game, his stock continues to rise based on his practice week. He also had the ear of Gus Bradley for the entire week and that has to count for something. I don’t believe Garoppolo will be available this late come May. (Tyler Larsen picked in Gumbussy #1/Selected #123 by the Browns)

  • Dion Bailey, FS, picked 113 by the Bears. I like Bailey a lot. I picked him on the previous mock. But I couldn’t walk away from the QB.
  • Bryan Stork, C, picked 117 by the Packers. I really thought Stork would last until the fifth round.

Round Five/ #132 –  Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana, 6-3/237 – Currently ranked #11 at the OLB position. Tripp is looked upon by many scouts as a day three sleeper at outside linebacker. He is raw and has played substandard competition. He is also said to own the kind of skills and athleticism that isn’t taught, it is refined by strong instruction. I look forward to what Coach Bradley could do with Tripp. (Aaron Murray picked in Gumbussy #1/Selected #139 by the Titans.)

  • Ed Stinson, DE, picked 135 by the Falcons. Already have Clowney with pick # 3, but this guy is a value this late.

Round Five/ #138 – Jacob Pedersen, TE, Wisconsin,  6-4/240 lbs – Currently ranked #12 at the TE position. Still hoping Marcedes Lewis will not be retained. I believe after Senior Bowl performance (4 catches for 46 yds), Jacob will move up a little in the TE rankings. I would love for him to still be available at this spot. (Same pick as Mock Draft By Gumbussy #1)

  • Aaron Murray, QB, picked 139 by the Titans. Have already justified the pick previously. Still really hope we go with him.

Round Five/ #147 – Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson, 6-0/185 lbs – Currently ranked #17 at the CB position. Didn’t need another CB but this guy is too talented to not take. Projected as a third to fourth round talent, this was a no-brainer. Has played all the DB positions so could convert to FS.  (De’Anthony Thomas picked in Gumbussy #1/selected #163 by the Jags)

  • Daniel McCullers, DT, picked 152 to the Bengals. Had already picked up a DT so went for a position of speed. I find this guy fascinating.

Round Six/ #163 – De’Anthony Thomas RB Oregon  5-9/170 lbs – I again will be SHOCKED if by the time the draft comes this guy is still available. Just his presence on special teams will be a tremendous upgrade. This guy just STINKS of excitement and I want it in Jacksonville. (Devon Kennard picked in Gumbussy #1/selected #216 by the Bengals)

 – L’Damian Washington WR Missouri  6-4/205 lbs – Currently ranked #29 at the WR position. Raw, but very quick, especially for his height. Still currently the 6th fastest 40yd time of all WRs. Dave Caldwell likes speed and special teams play. Washington will bring both. (Same pick as Mock Draft By Gumbussy #1)

A few late round picks to keep your eyes on:

  • Kenny Ladler, FS, selected #182 by the Patriots.
  • Tre Boston, FS, selected #183 by the Packers.
  • Russell Bodine, Center, selected #187 by the Colts.
  • Brandon Linder, OG, selected #188 by the Panthers.
  • Cody Latimer, WR, selected #209 by the Colts.
  • Devon Kennard, OLB, selected #216 by the Bengals.

So what have we learned from mock draft 1 going to draft 2? Unless someone trades with the Rams, it appears we will have to choose between Clowney and Bridgewater. I have expressed my desire twice. The draft simulator actually had Johnny Manziel dropping to the 4th pick in the second round, to the Raiders. Manziel a Raider…WOW. I preferred the first mock I performed but this one accomplishes many goals. The ability of some of the picks, along with some existing Jags, being able to be multifaceted will go a long way to deciding how this draft would be rated. Please tell me what you think of #2.

Mock Draft #2…by Michael McDonald The First!

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