Jacksonville Jaguar 2014 Mock Draft By Gumbussy #6 Pt. 1 (03/26/2014)


It’s time for the next Jacksonville Jaguar 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy. Thanks to Fanspeak.com and their programmers, I will now give you my most updated opinion of how the draft will play out for the Jags. The simulator uses all info given by each team of their needs and picks accordingly. It has also added a trade scenario to the mix, which has made things very interesting to say the least. When the Jag picks come up each round, I am able to then pick from all available players undrafted. Let me make it clear. I choose the players I think reflected the best available at the positions most desired. I will try to perform a draft every few weeks so that hopefully, with each new bit of info released on Jag moves and players entering, my picks will become more and more educated. Free agency has definitely caused the picks to change for multiple teams, thus affecting the Jags picks. Because I completed this mock after free agency started, I feel this will be the most informed mock draft yet. I will show my picks with a short explanation. I will also give a few players that I considered before I went with my pick. With this mock, I will also show the entire first round and all the picks for further clarity.

Just so you understand where my mindset is, the Jags’ needs I was looking to fill were QB, RB, WR, TE, OG, C, DE, DT, OLB, & FS. . I was also keying on speed and special teams prowess. I will explain further when summarizing my picks. Special thanks to CBSsportsline for player rankings. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the 2014 Gumbussy NFL Draft Version #6 Pt. 1…The Jags are again on the clock!

UPDATE – I have recently added Jacksonville Jaguar 2014 Mock Draft By Gumbussy #6 Pt. 2. <——–Click here when you complete this article to see the rest. Thanks!

Feel free to review previous Gumbussy Mock Drafts to see how some picks have evolved:

Disclaimer – There are issues I have with the new draft tool. The only trades are with the Jags, which is unrealistic. The price paid for trades are either over the top, or insulting. The trades are also only offered before each round, not in time for your pick which also is unrealistic. I wanted to perform a draft with my new toy but until these issues are rectified or at least made less silly, I will perform remaining mocks without trades. Thanks for allowing my rant and I still thank Fanspeak for a program that is still superior to any other I’ve found.


#01 Houston Texans – OLB KHALIIL MACK

#02 St. Louis Rams – OT TAYLOR LEWAN

#03 N.Y. Giants (acquired in trade with Jags for 01/#12, 02/#11, 04/#10, & 05/#17) – DE JADEVEON CLOWNEY

#04 Cleveland Browns – QB TEDDY BRIDGEWATER

#05 Oakland Raiders – OLB ANTHONY BARR

#06 Atlanta Falcons – DE MARCUS SMITH


#08 Minnesota Vikings – QB BLAKE BORTLES

#09 Buffalo Bills – S HA HA CLINTON-DIX

#10 Detroit Lions – CB JUSTIN GILBERT

#11 Tennessee Titans – QB DEREK CARR

#12 Jacksonville Jaguars – WR SAMMY WATKINS (#1 rated WR)


#14 Chicago Bears – DT AARON DONALD

#15 Pittsburgh Steelers – OT GREG ROBINSON

#16 Dallas Cowboys – DE KONY EALY

#17 Baltimore Ravens – CB CHARLES ROBY


#19 Miami Dolphins – OT JAKE MATTHEWS

#20 Arizona Cardinals – ILB C.J. MOSLEY

#21 G.B. Packers – TE JACE AMARO

#22 Philadelphia Eagles – OLB KYLE VAN NOY

#23 K.C. Chiefs – WR MARQISE LEE

#24 Cincinnati Bengals – WR ODELL BECKHAM

#25 S.D. Chargers – DT LOUIS NIX

#26 Cleveland Browns – WR BRANDON COOKS

#27 N.O. Saints – OLB RYAN SHAZIER

#28 Carolina Panthers – OT ZACH MARTIN

#29 N.E. Patriots – DT RA’SHEDE HAGEMAN

#30 S.F. 49ers – CB KYLE FULLER

#31 Denver Broncos – G DAVID YANKEY

#32 Seattle Seahawks – OT ANTONIO RICHARDSON

Round one summary

  • It was hard to walk away from possibly the best DE to enter the league in over a decade. The free agent signings we have made made at the DE position have made it easier. So I walked away from the #1 rated defensive end, but still managed to get the #1 rated WR. Risky, but necessary in case Justin Blackmon fails any more tests and is banned for life. This covers our bases with a receivers and actually brings in a WR that is projected at a can’t miss. Plus get 3 additional picks. Well worth it.

Other round one things that were interesting:

  • The Rams taking Lewan over Robinson and Matthews would be shocking.
  • The Giants giving up their 1st, 2nd, 4th & a 5th to move up 9 spots is extreme. Taking Clowney is not shocking and almost makes it worth it. The only reason I (Jaguars) accepted the trade offer is because it was too lucrative to walk away from. Hopefully I will not regret it.
  •  If both Robinson and Matthews are still on the board, the Falcons will take one…No doubt.
  • The Vikings might have a heart attack if Bortles was actually still available.
  • If the Steelers were to get Greg Robinson, they would instantly be a playoff team again.
  • If the Chiefs did manage to get WR Lee, don’t be shocked if they trade Dwayne Bowe for a 7th round draft pick.
  • If the Patriots take a DT in the first round, they are ready to move on without Vince Wilfork.
  • With all the losses they have taken on the defensive side of the ball, I’d be shocked if they took a offensive player in the first round, let alone an OT. We’ll see.

The remaining rounds, I will only be listing the Jags’ picks. I’ll comment on anything else interesting in the summary.

(NOTE) Jacksonville again traded 2/#7 to St. Louis for 2/#14, 4/#18, and 5/#17.

Round Two :

#43 – S CALVIN PRYOR (#2 rated FS)

#46 – CB PIERRE DESIR (#9 rated CB)

Round two summary :

  • After selecting an elite offensive skill player in the first, it was important to shore up a few things on defense. I would be ecstatic to get these two players in the second round. Desir is 6-1 and fits the Gus Bradley mold. Pryor is a little shorter at 5-11 but hits like a freight train. I was looking at DE, but none rated higher than these two DB’s on my board.

Other 2nd round situations:

  • QB Garoppolo going to the Texans to open the 2nd round, Manziel went 4th to Da Raiders, &  Mettenberger went 20th to the Cardinals. That’s six QB’s selected so far.
  • I guess medical concerns weigh heavier than character issues. Dee Ford falls to 37th overall to the Falcons.
  • DT Timmy Jernigan would probably be disappointed to fall all the way to #56…Until he learns he was selected by the 49ers. That softens the blow.
  • Welcome to the new NFL. The has been 11 WRs selected in just the first 2 rounds. That’s more than QBs & RBs drafted combined.

Round Three

#70 –  RB TRE MASON (#1 ranked RB)

#74 – DT STEPHON TUITT (#5 ranked DT)

Round Three Summary : 

  • Even if somehow MJD came back to the Jags on the cheap, I would still make the selection of Mason in the 3rd round. He may not be the #1 rated RB on everyone’s board, but he has been on mine all along. Even if MJD comes back, I can’t imagine the Jags keeping him after this year. Gotta invest in the future.
  • Tuitt has nice size for a DT (6-6, 304 lbs) but is reported to have explosiveness and surprising speed as a situational pass rusher. Could be interesting.This again is investing in the future.
  • I’m still looking for DE and QB, in that order. I was looking at DE Trent Murphy, but he was selected three picks prior to the Mason pick.  My next DE on my board was Aaron Lynch, and he wasn’t higher than Mason or Tuitt. No QB was worthy of a 3rd round pick.

Other 3rd round situations:

  • This was the first round that a QB didn’t get picked. This was the round of the “big uglies” as 12 OLs were selected. After 2 rounds, only 4 RBs have been selected, with 3 in the 3rd.
  • RB Isaiah Crowell, selected #90 by the Colts out of Alabama State, is a former Georgia Bulldog. Back in 2011, Crowell was the Bulldogs best RB and had just won SEC Freshman of the year. What followed was failed drug tests, and arrests for firearm possession. He was dismissed from the team and all assumed that his football career would not be repaired. He transferred to the small Alabama State so to not lose a year of eligibility, and now he is selected in the 3rd round of the 2014 draft. Nice recovery.
  • WR Robert Herron, selected #93 by the Patriots out of Wyoming, was rated a “sleeper” by Robert Rang of CBSSports.com. Rang said Herron out-performed (or at least equaled) the performances of both Sammy Watkins and Marqise Lee at the combine. We’ll see how it translate on the field of play.

The remaining four rounds will be shown on the Gumbussy Mock Draft #6 pt. 2  which will post later this week. Thanks for the read & I’ll see you then.

Wearing his Big Boy GM Pants…Michael McDonald.

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