Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft By Gumbussy #6 Pt. 2 (03/26/2014)


QB A. J. McCarron, selected in the 5th round of the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 mock draft  by Gumbussy #6. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the next Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy. Thanks to Fanspeak.com, I will now give you my most updated opinion of how the draft will play out for the Jags. The simulator uses all info given by each team of their needs and picks accordingly. It has also added a trade scenario to the mix, which has made things very interesting to say the least. When the Jag picks come up each round, I am able to then pick from all available players undrafted. Let me make it clear. I choose the players I think reflected the best available at the positions most desired. Free agency has definitely caused the picks to change for multiple teams, thus affecting the Jags picks. Because I completed this mock after free agency started, I feel this will be the most informed mock draft yet. I will show my picks with a short explanation. I will also give a few players that I considered before I went with my pick. My mindset of the Jags’ needs are QB, RB, WR, TE, OG, C, DE, DT, OLB, & FS. I was also keying on speed and special teams prowess. I will explain further when summarizing my picks. Special thanks to CBSsportsline for player rankings. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #6 Pt. 2…The Jags are again on the clock…Starting in the fourth round! Feel free to review previous Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy to see how some picks have evolved:

Disclaimer – There are issues I have with the new draft tool. The only trades are with the Jags, which is unrealistic. The price paid for trades are either over the top, or insulting. The trades are also only offered before each round, not in time for your pick which also is unrealistic. I wanted to perform a draft with my new toy but until these issues are rectified or at least made less silly, I will perform remaining mocks without trades. Thanks for allowing my rant and I still thank Fanspeak for a program that is still superior to any other I have found.

Fourth round : #101 – C TYLER LARSEN (#5 ranked C) #109 – QB A.J. MCCARRON (#6 ranked QB) #110 – ILB JORDAN ZUMWALT (#10 ranked OLB) #114 – DE WILL CLARKE (#10 ranked DE)

Fourth round summary :

  • Having four picks in one round of an NFL draft is like going to the best all-you-can-eat buffet. The choices seem endless and they all look tasty. The way the Jags have run their offseason, they have endless opportunities ahead of them. Their is no one pick that is mandatory or vital. They can truly afford to take the best player available because it will probably be an upgrade from last year’s player.
  • We got our center (Larsen, who was a finalist for best center in the NCAA, was tied for the strongest center at the combine, yet was the 7th fastest).
  • Our QB (McCarron was a four year starter for a major SEC school, went 36-4 in career starts, and won two national championships. He also was one of the surprises at the combine, making throws he wasn’t known for making, with accuracy).
  • An OLB (Zumwalt, ,a UCLA Bruin, can play both inside and outside linebacker. He is also known for his physical style which borders on violent. We need a little of that).
  • And finally, a DE (Clarke,wh0 had 17 tackles for loss last year, including 6 sacks, is known for his long arms which aids him in the pass rush. He also showed very well at this years Senior Bowl, where I’m sure he got Coach Bradley’s attention).
  • Though I’m very happy with my picks, I hated missing out on G Austin Wentworth (#112) and RB De Anthony Thomas (#123). Especially Thomas, who I believe will be one of the most exciting players coming into the league.

Other 4th round situations:

  • The Texans got a very good RB in Storm Johnson. A good pick in case Arian Foster starts the year still injured.
  • The Titans show they are moving on without Chris Johnson by drafting Ka’deem Carey, an excellent back out of Arizona.
  • De Anthony Thomas was taken by the Browns and they are probably banking on the kind of explosiveness that I’m anticipating.
  • The Seahawks have had only three picks (losing their 3rd rounder on the Percy Harvin trade). They so far have selected an OT, a WR, and a OG. I find this silly with all their defensive losses to free agency.

Fifth round :  #132 – DT JUSTIN ELLIS (#15 ranked DT) #138 – DE KAREEM MARTIN (#6 ranked DE) #145 – CB PHILLIP GAINES (#21 ranked CB) #147 – QB BRETT SMITH (#10 ranked QB) Fifth round summary :

  • I took another DT because I feel Ellis is VERY underrated. He’s already a great run stopper but because of his quickness and ability to jump the snap count, he should also excel in pass rushing. Selfishly, I hope if we draft two good DTs, along with the free agent DEs brought in, that the Jags will consider releasing Tyson Alualu and his too high salary. I can dream…
  • I didn’t intend to take another DE but when Martin was still available, I couldn’t resist. We have managed to draft DEs rated #6 & #10 in the fourth and fifth round. That would work for me.
  • Finding a second CB in the fifth round looks like a luxury, but it actually was a no-brainer. Gaines fits the Bradley mold, is vastly under-rated, and threw up the second fastest 40 time for CBs at the combine. I actually hate this because he also had an outstanding pro day (which was attended by the Jags DB coach), so Gaines is no longer under the radar and may go sooner than anticipated.
  • Drafting Brett Smith is a product of all the extra picks accumulated via trades in the first two rounds. I feel really good about McCarron, but Smith is intriguing. Let the other teams draft for the “upside” prospects of Boyd, Fales, Shaw, and Thomas. I like Smith for this reason. He has gotten better every year. His conditioning has excelled because he is a “gym-rat” like Matt Ryan was in college. His game performance has improved every year because he is a student of the game and a game film addict, like Russell Wilson. He plays with confidence, arrogance, and enthusiasm, like Tom Brady. Yes I know I’m throwing around a lot of big names, but I like the kid’s potential.

Other 5th round situations:

  • The Texans have drafted players that were high on my board a few times this draft. This round they took a DT that I liked a lot in Daniel McCullers (#129). Though I don’t consider taking Ellis three picks later “settling”, I would have loved getting McCullers.
  • The Seahawks finally went defense when they selected DT Ego Ferguson (#134) and DT Kelcy Quarles (#160), with Quarles capable of lining up at end in some situations. Good start.
  • The Cowboys would be making a public pleasing pick at #146 with Texas DE Jackson Jeffcoat. I’m assuming he would be the DeMarcus Ware replacement. I still contend that Dallas could be in play to trade up for Clowney and I bet Jerry Jones is desperate for a particular player, could offer riches in return. Let’s hope that happens in real life.

Round six : #163 – OLB DEVON KENNARD (#17 rated OLB) Round six summary and other interesting things : 

  • Devon Kennard was a three year starter at USC, an All American, a team captain, a team leader with 8 QB sacks, and was one of a few USC players who went to Haiti to help rebuilt a country devastated by poverty and disaster. This means he is a talented player, with pass rushing skills, who can be a leader in the locker room and a player we can be proud of. That, my friends, is a multi win selection.
  • QB David Fales is selected #176 by the Steelers. There have been 9 QBs selected so far.
  • One of the best RBs in college football last year, Andre Williams, lasted until #177 and was selected by the Chiefs. The Chiefs also selected DE Michael Sam, making him the first openly gay NFL player.
  • With the selection of TE Colt Lyerla (#188) by the Panthers, they are taking a BIG RISK. Lyerla played at Oregon and has been compared to Rob Gronkowski in talent base. He also has been arrested for cocaine possession, has had his driving licence suspended for multiple speeding tickets in a short amount of time, and was forced to voluntarily leave the team and college prematurely because of his issues, along with a missed game per disputed circumstances. He could be Gronk…He could be Aaron Hernandez…it would be interesting to follow!

Round seven :  #199 – TE JAKE MURPHY (#17 rated  TE) Round seven summary and other interesting things : 

  • In selecting Murphy, I’m very pleased to get a TE of this quality this late in the draft. Good size (6-4, 249 lbs), middle of the pack speed, and soft hands. He also showed very well at the Senior Bowl and I’m sure the Bradley staff have him on the lists.
  • A final avalanche of QBs came off the board in the seventh. Tajh Boyd (#195) to the Browns, Stephen Morris (#198) to the Bucs, and Aaron Murray (#222) to the 49ers. That means all together 12 QBs were selected in the 2014 draft. That will be pretty high on the list of most QBs selected in a given year’s draft. That also means some “sleeper” labeled players (Conner Shaw, Logan Thomas, Jeff Mathews, & Jordan Lynch) will be very popular UFAs.
  • My heart broke when the 49ers selected Aaron Murray three picks before the final pick. I was hoping he’d go undrafted so we could try to convince him to come here as a UFA. Why does the 49ers need Murray for anyway? They already have Blaine Gabbert!!
  • Mr. Irrelevant of 2014 is DE Jake Snyder from the University of Virginia. He was selected by the Super Bowl champion Seahawks. It must be great to be drafted by a team that successful yet incredibly intimidating thinking about what it will take to find a place on the roster. Good Luck Jake.

What have we learned from the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #6?

  • With Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #6, we have covered the needs at QB, RB, WR, TE, OC, DE, DT, OLB, CB, FS, & speed for special teams. That would mean OG & special team returners were not drafted. Now both of those positions have been addressed with free agents, but I would still like some young guys brought in and hope some decent UFAs can earn a position on our roster. Both are pretty easy to get by those means.
  • Eleven of our FIFTEEN draft picks would be players who are rated in the top ten at their position, This draft gave the Jags much of what Coach Bradley wants to grow the “competition” mentality that he pushes. If the draft went this way…What more could I ask for.
  • I got a dynamic WR. Hard hitting and skilled defensive players. I drafted a proven winner and a high ceiling potential player at the QB position. I have speed, brains, nastiness, leaders, and very coachable players that will fit in our system immediately.

I hope you will come back next time and see what happens when I perform Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #7.

Please tell me what you think of Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #6 as a whole.

If you have a second, tell me if you want me to eliminate the trade section of the simulator or do you think it really wasn’t that unrealistic. Thanks!!!

Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Mock Draft by Gumbussy #6…by Michael McDonald.

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