Dante Fowler Jr. Brings Style, Attitude to the Jacksonville Jaguars


Dante Fowler Jr. came to the 2015 NFL Draft wearing spiked gold shoes. He came wearing a white suit that screamed out to the crowd in Chicago and danced in our eyes on TV. He instantly cemented himself as a guy who has some style and attitude.

That’s exactly what the Jacksonville Jaguars need on their team.

The Jaguars haven’t had a bonafide superstar on their roster since Maurice Jones-Drew. MJD left for Oakland and then retired, leaving the Jaguars with budding potential in Blake Bortles and a handful of wide receivers but rather short on those guys who can talk big because their game backs it up. In Dante Fowler, they may have finally found a guy who can be their superstar.

Fowler is a larger than life persona. He said he knew he was going to go third overall. He would “shocked” if he didn’t. He said he thought he was the best player in the 2015 NFL Draft. He’s confident, he’s exuberant, and he’s got some style to go along with it. You could almost see Deion Sanders falling in love with this pass rusher simply because of the outfit he dared to wear.

Fowler may not be everyone’s favorite choice here, but he’s got plenty of support from across the NFL as not only the best pass rusher but as arguably the best player in the entire draft. That’s nice and all, but to me it doesn’t even seem like Fowler needs that kind of support. He knows what he is, he knows what he can do and he doesn’t care if other teams, scouts, analysts, or pundits say they think he’ll be great or not. He knows he will be.

I love that confidence and I love the way he’s walking into the NFL and saying, “This is who I am. Get ready for me.”

He’s bringing style and he’s bringing attitude to Jacksonville. That’s just what this team needs. Now, he needs to back it all up on the football field.

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