Dante Fowler Jr. Believes He is Best Player in 2015 NFL Draft


Dante Fowler Jr. certainly isn’t short on confidence.

The pass rusher who promises to be one of the top selections in the 2015 NFL Draft confidently said “me” when asked who the best player in the draft was while at Florida’s pro day.

Fowler has been incredibly impressive this offseason, turning heads at the NFL Scouting Combine and solidifying his spot as one of the top prospects in this year’s draft class. Most of us, however, consider defensive tackle Leonard Williams to be the best player coming out this year. Fowler, obviously, disagrees.

While he believes he is the best player in the draft, he thinks that he will be the third overall selection. In fact, he’ll be “stunned” if he isn’t. The Jacksonville Jaguars are sitting pretty at third overall and certainly need a pass rusher, but there are plenty available in this year’s draft and despite Dante Fowler’s confidence there are plenty of players with similar abilities.

Honestly, his confidence is growing on me. The players at his position are a pretty tight group this year and a lot of them could be saying they are the best player in the draft. Many of them probably say it to themselves. The brash, public expression of confidence is appealing as the Jaguars could really use a player with a bit of pizzaz on the defensive side of the ball. A face of the defense, if you will. There are plenty of hard working, nose to the grindstone types – led by middle linebacker Paul Posluszny – on the defense already. It’s time to add someone with a bit of confidence. If Dante Fowler Jr. is anything like Dante Fowler Sr. (who believes his son should be the number one overall pick) then they’ll get a bunch of personality and confidence by selecting him.

Separating the best prospects from the very good prospects is going to be tough work for personnel people in this year’s draft class. It is not a task I envy. Having a guy who is open about his confidence in his abilities may just be the type of factor that puts him ahead of the other guys. It’s smart by Fowler and if I were picking, he would certainly have my interest.

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