Jaguars News: The offense is in good shape for 2023

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence with TE Evan ENgram at Nissan Stadium. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence with TE Evan ENgram at Nissan Stadium. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the better teams in the AFC last season. It was a bit surprising how well they played after they started 2-6. Now, coming into this off-season, there is a long way to go but they are hoping to get even better.

They have a lot of draft picks in 2023 but the hope is that most of them are used to get themselves better on defense as they ranked 24th in that category last year. Their offense is great as it is but it might have gotten even better on Monday.

It started with the fact that the National Football League reinstated Calvin Ridley from his suspension. He was acquired by the Jaguars while serving the suspension and now he is set to debut with them in 2023.

That should give Trevor Lawrence yet another wide receiver target to work with. It should be a great addition to an already dynamic offense that is going to get even better as Lawrence takes steps. This was exciting news to hear on a Monday.

The Jacksonville Jaguars saw their offense make big moves on Monday.

Not long after that news broke, it came out that the Jaguars were giving tight end Evan Engram the franchise tag. That means that he will be back in the mix again for 2023. That also gives the team some extra time to get a longer-term deal done with him if both sides wish.

The Jaguars should probably still consider drafting a tight end but it is nice to know that the position will be taken care of for at least 2023. With how good Lawrence has a chance to become, this is an important move.

Along with the rest of the good players on the Jaguars’ offense, these guys are going to be fun to watch. With the way that the AFC South is looking right now, it is hard to see anyone but the Jaguars coming out on top and this is the big strength of the team.

From here, we can only hope that the Jags continue to make smart moves as the off-season moves along. If they do, the Super Bowl is not an unrealistic goal.

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