Jaguars News: This division rival might be making a big move

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to run the AFC South for the duration of Trevor Lawrence’s career. Obviously, it is really hard to win a division for multiple decades in a row but they will start by just trying to win it for a second straight year.

For a long time, the Indianapolis Colts ran the division but it has been all Tennessee Titans for the last few years before last. One of the key pieces to that Titans team has been Derrick Henry. It took him a minute to become elite after coming to the NFL from Alabama but he got there.

For a while, Henry was one of the best running backs in the entire National Football League. He is still very good but there are question marks surrounding him now because of his age. He is only 29 but that is considered old in the running back world.

He did, in his age-28 season, lead the NFL rushes while playing in 16 games out of 17. The 2021 season was the only year of his career in which he didn’t play a majority of the games as he only dressed for eight games out of 17 because of injury.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been dealing with Derrick Henry for a while now.

In 2022, he rushed for 1000 or more yards for the fourth time in his NFL career. He came up just short in 2021 and that is the year he only played in 8 games. If he played even in just one more game, he’d be working on a five-year streak of 1000 plus yards.

Three of those four 1000-yard seasons saw him eclipse 1500 yards including 2020 when he led the NFL with 2027 yards. There is no doubt that he has been nothing short of incredible.

Now, it sounds like he might be on the move. There are rumors that the Titans are shopping him for a trade. Obviously, seeing this division rival move a player like this would shake up the whole division. They are probably going to try and win again in 2023 but it would be harder without Henry.

If losing this player causes the Titans to become a worse team, that could be great news for the Jaguars. Tennessee was underwhelming in 2022 and could possibly be getting worse by design. That could mean a run for the Jaguars in the division.

Obviously, nothing is set in stone but it would be nice to see. With the way the Jaguars have trended up, it would be great to see the Titans fall off while the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans are already down.

Derrick Henry still has some good football left in the tank but it would be nice for him to play well somewhere else.

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