Jaguars' X-Men-themed 2024 schedule release may be teasing throwbacks

• The Jaguars just released a must-watch X-Men trailer for the 2024 season

• It may be teasing a potential return of the throwback uniforms

X-Men '97 Launch Event
X-Men '97 Launch Event / Alberto E. Rodriguez/GettyImages

For the second straight year, the Jacksonville Jaguars have hit it out of the ballpark with their schedule release. Last year, they went with a script-themed announcement. In 2024, they drew inspiration from one of the hottest animated series right now, X-Men 97. It's fair to say that the final product looks great, but that may be just the beginning. The trailer may be a sign that the Jags are bringing back the throwbacks.

In case you haven't watch it, here's the trailer. A bit short, compared to the last one, but it's worth every single second of it.

On top of that, the Jaguars released a series of X-Men-themed images with the dates for the 2024 season. Here's the post on social media.

As you can see, the Jaguars are portraying X-Men characters. Trevor Lawrence is Cyclops, Jaxson DeVille is Beast, Josh Allen is Wolverine, Travis Etienne is Colossus, Foyesade Oluokun is Gambit, Travon Walker is Cable, Christian Kirk is Quicksilver, and Tyson Campbell is Angel.

And in case you were wondering, here's a look at every single game in the Jags' 2024 schedule, including a pair of primetimes:

  • Week 1 @ Dolphins
  • Week 2 vs. Browns
  • Week 3 @ Bills
  • Week 4 @ Texans
  • Week 5 vs. Colts
  • Week 6 @ Chicago (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London)
  • Week 7 vs. Patriots (Wembley Stadium, London)
  • Week 8 vs. Packers
  • Week 9 @ Eagles
  • Week 10 vs. Vikings
  • Week 11 @ Lions
  • Week 12 BYE
  • Week 13 vs. Houston
  • Week 14 @ Tennessee
  • Week 15 vs. Jets
  • Week 16 @ Raiders
  • Week 17 vs. Titans
  • Week 18 @ Colts

X-Men 97 is the continuation of the series that ran from 1992-1997, hence the 97' in the title. Most of the voice actors from the original series are back, and the animation is much better than it was at the time. Coincidentally, the season finale was the same day the NFL announced their schedule for the 2024 season.

As noted before, the Jaguars went with a "the NFL is scripted" theme last year. They brought in Asher Grodman to direct the short. It was submitted for the Webby Award and it won.

What does the Jaguars' X-Men '97 video has to do with throwbacks?

X-Men 97' isn't just milking the nostalgia factor from the series but it was certainly a hook. Children who were 10 around the time the original ran are now 40 years old. Given that the show was broadcast around the same time the Jacksonville Jaguars were founded, the social media team could be using the schedule release to tease the return of the throwback uniforms, the ones they wore until the mid-2000s.

Early in the offseason, the Jaguars posted on social media a message that hinted at the return of the throwbacks. They started to wear the current ones in 2019. There's nothing wrong with them, but maybe it's time Jacksonville makes a change.

After all, fans have been asking the team to bring back the throwbacks, even if it's only as alternates. They'll get their wish in 2024, and it may be a matter of time before the Jags announce them.

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