Jacksonville Jaguars' latest uniform update should get fans hyped up

• The Jaguars announced an unexpected, albeit exciting, news about the uniforms they'll wear next season.
Jan 15, 2000; Jacksonville, FL, USA; FILE PHOTO; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor (28)
Jan 15, 2000; Jacksonville, FL, USA; FILE PHOTO; Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor (28) / Peter Brouillet-USA TODAY Sports

After years of pleading, fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars will get their wish fulfilled. The team is bringing back their throwback uniforms, the ones they became known for and wore in their early days.

The Jags posted a short video on social media to announce the news that they'll be bringing back their old unis.

The Jaguars have had several unis since they played their first game ever in September 1995. They started wearing the most recent one, the Nike Vapor Untouchable version, in 2019. For the most part, it's a single design, and there's nothing wrong with that. The issue is that the Jags used to stand out in the past because of their uniform. But nowadays the NFL has gone with a uniform design (no pun intended) in recent years and all teams look the same.

Having said that, the current unis are much better than the ones they wore from 2013-2018. Something about the font and the sleeves felt odd. Make no mistakes, there were fans that like them but they weren't very popular in general.

Also, the league had the idea of wearing Color Rush uniforms on Thursday Night Football for a while. The ones Jacksonville had weren't very flattering. In fact, former quarterback Blake Bortles, the Boat, wasn't a fan of them.

Again, some fans liked them but there's a reason you won't often hear someone talking about bringing them back. Heck, you may have a hard time spotting someone who wears Color Rush gear nowadays. Simply, they weren't very appealing.

Bringing back the old unis seem fit for the Jaguars in 2024

The Jacksonville Jaguars entered 2023 with high expectations but fell flat on their face. Although they got off to a strong start, they faded down the stretch and failed to make the playoffs even though they had a favorable chance ahead of the finale. Since the end of the disappointing season, the Jags have been doing their best to make sure they're in a position to bounce back.

Having the old uniforms back won't increase or hurt their chances of winning the AFC South. However, they're a reminder of the team's glory days. Back when they wore the Jaguar logo on the side and the sleeves and stripes on the pants, they were among the top teams in the Conference. Most of their legends — Tony Boselli, Fred Taylor, and Jimmy Smith, among others — wore those uniforms back in the late 1990s and early 2010s. Now, Trevor Lawrence and Josh Allen will get to do it too.

The truth is that this was an unexpected surprise. The Jaguars could've kept their old unis and still have a successful season in 2024. Instead, they chose to bring back the classic look by popular demand.

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