Aw, go on and salivate, Jaguars fans. You've earned that right!

Jaguars fan Eric Hall holds his signs as he joins other fans outside TIAA Bank Field to cheer.
Jaguars fan Eric Hall holds his signs as he joins other fans outside TIAA Bank Field to cheer. / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY
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The future is bright for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence

In spite of the red flags, owner Shad Khan sincerely thought that Meyer was the right man to help the Jags return to their glory days turn, He would be proven wrong not nearly right after hiring him when he announced he had brought in Chris Doyle, who was accused of abusing players and making racist remarks at Iowa, as the team's director of sports performance.

Not long after announcing his addition to the staff, Doyle resigned. To this day, it's still puzzling that Meyer thought hiring him was a good idea but that was just one of many mistakes that would define his tenure, From diminishing his staff and undermining players to getting caught dancing improperly after skipping the team's flight, Meyer managed to sink the Jaguars even lower.

Khan realized his mistake and gave Meyer the pink slip less than a year after hiring him. At this point, nobody would have blamed you if you had jumped shipped but you have probably heard that there was calm after the storm in Jacksonville. It took nearly two months to find him but the Jaguars hit it out of the ballpark when they hired Pederson as their head coach.

Pederson had a proven track record in the NFL — unlike his successor — and he knew it was going to take a while to get the Jags right on track. But he wasted no time and got to work and played a huge role in helping the Jaguars win the AFC South and make the playoffs in just his first season at the helm. All those years of supporting the team unquestionably had at last paid off. The Jaguars fans gave their fans something to root for.

See, the Jaguars have an ascending quarterback in Lawrence, who will keep them in games and a give them chance to win. Also, Pederson is the kind of coach you want leading your team. He's not going to get complacent anytime soon and will keep his players and staff motivated.
Similarly, Trent Baalke has done a good job of replenishing the roster Caldwell actively dismantled.

The bottom line is that the Jaguars aren't a one-year wonder and even better, they're set to remain in Jacksonville for the foreseeable future. Last season was just a taste of what's ahead. That should have fans excited.

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