3 overhyped Jacksonville Jaguars players fans need to pump the brakes on

The Jacksonville Jaguars have several talented players ahead of the 2023 season but a few of them get a bit more praise than they deserve. Here are three of them.
Jacksonville Jaguars fans yell before an NFL first-round playoff football matchup between.
Jacksonville Jaguars fans yell before an NFL first-round playoff football matchup between. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Unio / USA
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No. 2 Jaguars player fans need to pump the brakes on: Rayshawn Jenkins

Nobody can argue the turnaround safety Rayshawn Jenkins experienced last year. As a matter of fact, his impact on the 2022 Jaguars should be brought up when discussing the former Miami Hurricane's tenure in Jacksonville.

Last season, Jenkins had a walk-off pick-six against the Dallas Cowboys. Later in the season finale, he forced quarterback Josh Dobbs to fumble, which outside linebacker Josh Allen took to the house to get the Jags on top of the Tennessee Titans. On top of that, he registered three interceptions, tied for the most in the team.

Having said that, Jenkins isn't among the best safeties in the league. You could even make the case that safety Andre Cisco is better (or at least has a higher ceiling) than him. Leaving aside the fact that he had an underwhelming 2021 campaign, he's never had an elite season going back to his four-year stint with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Jenkins is an important member of the Jaguars' secondary and one of their young leaders. The team's brass certainly thinks highly of him, asking him to restructure his contract and push some of his salary to future years.

However, Jenkins needs to continue to play at a high level before he can join the top echelon of NFL safeties. He has eight career picks. Although interceptions are not the only way to measure a defender's success or lack thereof, improving in that area and making more impact plays in 2023 will get him more recognition, and possibly a spot in the top 10.