3 Jaguars players who should still be cut despite the NFL salary cap rise

• The Jaguars should still move on from these 3 players even after the salary cap increase.

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2. Folorunso Fatukasi, defensive tackle

Defensive tackle Folorunso Fatukasi was part of the Jaguars' spending spree in 2022. While most of the players they brought in that year have gone on to fill important roles, Fatukasi has failed to make an impact over the last two seasons. You could point out that he's dealt with injuries in that span but he's only missed four games in that span. The trouble is that he hasn't done much of notwhen his on the field.

Expected to collapse the pocket and stuff the run, Fatukasi hasn't been able to do either. Early in the 2023 season, the Jaguars did a good job of stymieing opposing teams at the line of scrimmage. But as the year went on, they relented and offenses had no trouble running the ball. Of course, Fatukasi wasn't the only cause for the defense's collapse but he certainly played a role.

Fatukasi is now entering the last year of the three-year, $30 million deal he signed but the Jaguars may be better off moving on from him than letting him play out his contract for a handful of reasons. Releasing him would only create $3.5 million in space with $9.2 million in dead money. Leaving aside that it won't be much of a savings, Jacksonville could use his roster spot to bring in a player who'll contribute more.

Similarly, the Jags could use the extra space to sign a defensive tackle to replace Fatukasi or address another position in free agency. Simply put, the benefits of moving on from the veteran defensive tackle outweigh the potential drawbacks.