3 Jaguars players who should still be cut despite the NFL salary cap rise

• The Jaguars should still move on from these 3 players even after the salary cap increase.

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The salary cap for 2024 will be $255.4 million, $13 million more than originally projected. The increase will most definitely benefit the Jacksonville Jaguars. They were originally expected to have around $11 million in space, but the total amount will be $24 million. That should help them bring back a handful of players they weren't otherwise planning to keep.

That said, the Jags still don't have nearly enough space to navigate the offseason even after the spike. While they could get a bit of breathing room by reworking a few deals, they'll still need to move on from a handful of players, and these three make the most sense.

3. Rayshawn Jenkins, safety

Safety Rayshawn Jenkins has been a mixed bag since signing a four-year deal worth $35 million with the Jaguars in 2021. His first season in Jacksonville didn't go the way he surely planned. Besides failing to do much of note on the football field, he was ejected from a game for punching an opposing receiver, not what you expect from your team captain. But then, Jenkins made a 180-degree turn in 2022.

The former Miami Hurricane became a key cog on defense, registering four interceptions. He also had a key forced fumble in the finale that pushed the Jaguars into the playoffs. Jenkins wasn't able to build off of his success, though, and took a bit of a step back in 2023. Even though he wasn't as underwhelming as he was in 2021, he didn't have nearly the same impact as the year prior.

In the last year of his deal, Jenkins is set to have a cap hit of $12.5 million. The Jaguars could free up $5.4 million in space with $7.1 million in dead money if they release him. With sophomore Antonio Johnson ready to step up into a feature role after a promising rookie season, Jacksonville can afford to move on from Jenkins.