3 Jaguars players who should still be cut despite the NFL salary cap rise

• The Jaguars should still move on from these 3 players even after the salary cap increase.
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1. Cam Robinson, left tackle

Even after the cap increase, left tackle Cam Robinson remains a likely candidate to walk the plank when you take into account that the Jaguars could free up $17.2 million in space. Heck, teams in need of help at the position may be incentivized to trade for him and take on his salary due to the spike.

Make no mistake, the Jags were a better team when Robinson was in the lineup last year. His feisty attitude was sorely missed when he wasn't available However, Jacksonville is in a position to overcome his potential departure. Having mostly lined up on the left side at Oklahoma, Anton Harrison moved to right tackle in his rookie season. However, the team's brass doesn't rule out moving him back to his natural position.

Another option is fourth-year pro Walker Little, who filled in for Robinson when he served a four-game suspension to start the 2023 season. A second-round pick in 2021, Little can play both tackle spots, so he gives the Jags ample flexibility. Another route would be to use a first-round pick on Robinson's heir apparent.

It's also worth noting that Robinson has never been a Pro Bowl-caliber player but he's good enough to net the Jags a second and third-round pick due to the demand of left tackles in the league. Simply put, the prospect of getting a significant amount of cap space and possibly a mid-round pick makes Robinson a prime candidate to get the boot.

The bottom line is that even before the salary cap raise, Cam Robinson was a potential cut candidate. Not much has changed after the increase was announced. Barring a sudden turn of events, don't expect the veteran left tackle to return to Jacksonville in 2024.

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