Quarterback Play Determines Whether The Head Coach Is Successful


Quarterback play is the main factor that determines whether a head coach succeeds or gets fired.  Consequently, all of the Jacksonville Jaguars head coaches have fallen into the same fate.

Tom Coughlin was the first head coach in Jacksonville.  He is also the winningest coach in Jacksonville Jaguars history.  He coached from 1995 through 2002 with a record of 68-60.

Mark Brunell is the all-time leading passer in Jaguars history.  He was drafted by Green Bay in 1993. Coughlin traded for Brunell before the 1995 season began.  Brunell’s quarterback play was a factor in the success of Tom Coughlin.

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Jack Del Rio became the Jacksonville head coach in 2003.  Del Rio is the second winningest coach in Jaguars history. Del Rio’s coaching record is 68-71.  He won as many games as Coughlin but lost eleven more.

Del Rio and the Jaguars drafted Byron Leftwich as their number one pick in 2003.  Leftwich was Del Rio’s choice as quarterback.  Leftwich is currently number four in career Jaguar passing yards.  He played four years in Jacksonville.

David Garrard became Del Rio’s choice as the Jaguars quarterback.  Garrard is second to Brunell on the Jaguars team passing list. He was drafted in 2002 in the fourth round.

Del Rio coached from 2003 until the 2011 season.  Blaine Gabbert was the rookie quarterback in 2011.  Gabbert connected on twelve touchdown passes but threw eleven interceptions.

Consequently, Mel Tucker replaced Del Rio to finish the 2011 season.  As a result to Gabbert’s poor play, Tucker was not retained as the head coach in 2012.

Gabbert led Jacksonville to a 1-9 start before new head coach Mike Mularkey replaced him with Chad Henne.  Mularkey was fired in 2012 with a record of 2-14 and new ownership made the move.

Gus Bradley has the worst coaching record in NFL history.

Gus Bradley is the head coach in Jacksonville since 2013.  Due to poor quarterback play, Bradley will probably be fired.  Bradley inherited Chad Henne but drafted Blake Bortles in 2014.

Bradley’s current record is 14-47 and is rapidly collecting losses.  Bradley has had three offensive coordinators and two defensive coordinators.  Bradley was the defensive coordinator in Seattle that many thought would be a great head coach.

What happened to the bright young coordinator?

Remember, not all coordinators make good head coaches.  Many names come to mind that fit that description.  Just add Bradley’s name to that list of great coordinators – bad head coaches.

In conclusion, coaching success can always be guaranteed by good quarterback play.  Coughlin and Del Rio had quality starting quarterback play but the others have not.