Can Blake Bortles break David Garrard’s TD record in 2015?


Blake Bortles has a strong arm and looks to be a vastly improved quarterback mechanically and in the mental game heading into the 2015 season.

Is he good enough to break a team record for TD passes in his second season?

Record holder David Garrard, who set the mark in 2010, believes that Bortles is the guy to do it.

Just how many touchdowns does Blake Bortles need to break that record? Just one more than 23.

If that number seems low to you and you’re shocked that Jaguars great Mark Brunell doesn’t hold it, you’re not alone. Just take a gander over to Reddit and see what fans of all walks had to say. Or, as ESPN’s Michael DiRocco notes:

"It’s almost ridiculous that in an age where defenders are more limited than ever when it comes to what they can and can’t do against receivers, no quarterback in the Jaguars’ 20-year history has thrown more than 23 touchdown passes in a single season. In fact, Garrard and Mark Brunell are the only quarterbacks in team history to throw for more than 17 in a single season."

DiRocco has hit it right on the nose. In today’s NFL, there is no reason for quarterbacks to not be getting near 23 touchdowns or surpassing it in every season. For example, the great undrafted Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys has managed to surpass 23 touchdowns every season he has been the full time starter since 2007 (one injury-riddled 2010 as the lone exception).

Even the hapless Houston Texans have managed to field a quarterback who can put it in the end zone more than the Jacksonville Jaguars.

So, can Blake Bortles get over 23 touchdowns in 2015?

It would seem that the team is primed for it. With weapons like Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns ready to haul in pass after pass and with the support of an improved offensive line and running game behind T.J. Yeldon, this offense could be humming along better than any since Garrard’s last season with the team (2010). Bortles needs jut 12 more touchdowns than he had in his rookie season to tie the record.

If someone is going to get us over this shamefully poor franchise record, it will be Blake Bortles. Whether he does it in 2015 or another time is up for debate. The weapons are certainly there. Still, as the NFL media will continue to note once it happens, this is a franchise record that should have been improved long, long ago.

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