Re-signing Chad Henne is a wise move by Jaguars


Chad Henne was recently re-signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, bringing the backup quarterback back for another two seasons.

It’s a two-year, eight million dollar deal for the long-time Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback and there are apparently incentives involved as well.

This is a win-win move by the Jaguars, bringing back Chad Henne as one of the most qualified backups in the NFL and also keeping the positive chemistry going between Henne and starter Blake Bortles.

The move is also a positive for Henne (a win-win-win scenario?) who will have job security (though he probably would have on the open market), return to a comfortable offensive system that he plays a strong supporting role in, and can step in and excel for Bortles if he goes down with injury.

Being comfortable was important for Henne, according to an article by the Florida Times-Union. He could have landed pretty much anywhere, but been in the same situation:

"There was always opportunities like I said, to kind of venture out, kind of jump out and play again. Really, there’s not that many opportunities like that out there and those teams that needed a quarterback are most likely going to be in the same situation – draft a quarterback – and then I’d be in that same position again. Why not be here where I feel comfortable and love working with Blake?"

It’s important to note that keeping the Henne-Bortles connection going is a positive step for general manager Dave Caldwell. The veteran perspective and value from Henne has been instrumental in building Bortles into one of the better young quarterbacks in the NFL after a disastrous rookie season.

Keeping Bortles and Henne together gives them an opportunity to work together in the offseason as Henne continues to mentor the younger quarterback in order to turn him into a viable starter in the league. There has been progress already in this format and the Jags are wise to not tinker with what is clearly working.

Henne is also an insurance policy. With 53 starts under his belt with the Jaguars and Miami Dolphins, Henne offers the experience that offensive coordinator Greg Olson needs to run his offense. Henne can come in and competently replace Bortles in a worst case scenario.

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On a lighter note, it’s important to get Henne re-signed if only because of the impressive facial hair he brings to the team.