Jacksonville Jaguars Week 4 Power Rankings: Post-beatdown


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The Jacksonville Jaguars had a rough outing this past Sunday,

getting absolutely trounced by the defending Super Bowl champion

New England Patriots. Losing to Bill Belichick and

Tom Brady

isn’t the most embarrassing thing in the world, but the way the Jaguars lost leaves a bad taste in the collective mouth of the fanbase as the franchise tries to establish itself as a legitimate contender.

Heading into a crucial matchup against the unanimously annointed top-dog in the AFC South, the Jaguars need to move past their very humbling defeat and focus on beating an Indianapolis Colts squad that has looked underwhelming in the first 3 weeks.

Here’s where the Jaguars fell in some of the power rankings around the web after a blowout loss:


"30. Jacksonville Jaguars Aaaaaand welcome back to Earth, Jacksonville. It was fun while it lasted, but the Jaguars were put in a corner by the Patriots. Jacksonville’s defense couldn’t stop New England on the ground, in the air or on special teams. Beyond that, Blake Bortles was less than stellar. The quarterback was only 17-for-33 and registered a middle-of-the-road rating of 83.1. Jacksonville’s rushing offense was essentially non-existent, with five players accounting for 57 total yards. About the only bright spot for the Jags was Paul Posluszny’s 18 total tackles."

FOX Sports

"30. Jaguars (1-2) HIGH: 26 / LOW: 31The Jaguars took a huge step backward in Week 3 when they failed to make a single stop on the defensive end. With Blake Bortles struggling to consistently keep drives alive, it could be another long year for the Jaguars."


"29. JaguarsJust one turnover forced by the Jaguars in three games so far, an interception of Cam Newton in the second quarter of Week 1."

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco

"23. JaguarsThat was a terrible showing in New England. It shows how far they have to go."

CBS Sports – Pat Kirwan

"31. Jaguars :A weak team with a young quarterback and mounting injuries, the Jaguars need to continue to improve and avoid critical mistakes. It’s hard to be that non-competitive after an important win a week earlier. Last Week: 26"

NFL.com – Elliot Harrison

"26. JaguarsShowed a lot of faith in putting the always-lousy Jaguars at No. 18 last week. I recommended Blake Bortles as a sleeper fantasy start on “NFL HQ” — which you can see weekdays at 8 a.m. ET on NFL Network. (Shameless plug? Affirmative!) Then I doubled down on Jags respect in the Game Picks, predicting Jacksonville would give New England a contest. Well, the Jaguars were absolutely terrible in a 51-17 thrashing. Bortles actually ended up being a viable fantasy start, thanks to garbage time. Still, it’d be nice to see the Jags make hay in non-garbage time versus contending teams. How about this weekend in Indy?"

My take:

I’m not surprised by any of these, except maybe Prisco’s ranking at 23. There wasn’t much to take away from the loss to the Patriots aside from knowing the Jaguars still aren’t ready to compete against championship level talent. Most people already knew that, so giving the Jaguars a hard time after a blowout loss to a team that tends to blow lots of teams out – even good ones sometimes – isn’t exactly novel or constructive.

The only interesting thing I noticed in the short snippet associated with these rankings is the absence of head coach Gus Bradley – I assumed some would call for accountability for Bradley after such a poor performance.

My ranking for the Jaguars after week 2: 27

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