Tom Brady destroys Jaguars, tops 400 touchdowns


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots looked every bit like the defending Super Bowl champions, easily walking over the Jacksonville Jaguars en route to a 3-0 start for 2015.

The Jaguars really struggled to limit the Patriots, especially Tom Brady’s passing as New England simply couldn’t be stopped on offense. Meanwhile, the Blake Bortles-led Jags offense could barely get going, struggling to put together drives and move the ball through the air or on the ground.

In a game that was going to be a struggle for the young Jaguars anyway, everything needed to be executed perfectly. Instead, the Jags came out almost as flat as they did against the Carolina Panthers in Week 1 and couldn’t seem to get on the same page.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady simply needed to be Tom Brady and spent the day passing the ball to his receivers as if he were playing a game of catch. It helped that shortly after the start of the third quarter, the Jags secondary was almost completely depleted by injuries, forcing two undrafted free agents and a rookie to play.

Peyton Thompson later had a monster pass interference penalty called on him as he struggled to cover the far more experienced and polished Patriots receivers.

Brady got to 400 TDs with a touchdown pass in the second quarter to Julian Edelman. He joins Dan Marino, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning as the only players to have thrown at least 400 TDs in the history of the NFL. It was a monumental achievement for Brady, but it came in a game that he really could have added five or more to his total.

The Jacksonville Jaguars hardly put up a fight against the historically-great Brady. He finished the day 33 of 42 for 358 yards with two TDs.

Meanwhile, Blake Bortles finished his day 17 of 33 for 242 yards with two TDs and an interception. He really struggled to lead the offense in sustained drives and frequently failed to make an impact.

Final score: 51-17 for the New England Patriots.

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