Weekly Superlatives: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Patriots


After a loss like this, almost no one on the team deserves to win a superlative. The Jaguars gave up the most points in franchise history and struggled to do anything offensively against a Patriots’ defense that was giving up over 400 yards of offense a game prior to playing the Jaguars. That said, we will do our best to pick out some players that weren’t terrible. This is gonna be tough.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Player of the Week and MVP: We will reluctantly go with Blake Bortles for both of these awards. Bortles was far from perfect, but then again who wasn’t for the Jags on Sunday? He did throw 2 touchdown passes and only one interception. The interception was a terrible throw that Bortles never should have made (we know, shocking, right?!), but at least it wasn’t a pick six. Going 17/33, Bortles was just over 50% passing and threw for 242 yards. He did not play at a high level for much of the game, but neither did anyone else on the team.

Defensive Player of the Week: No one deserves this title. Yeah, Paul Posluszny had 18 tackles, but that’s only because the Patriots were racking up chunk play after chunk play. The Jaguars were playing without several starters on defense and a couple more went down during the game, but that is no excuse to give up 51 points and not even force ONE punt or turnover. NOT EVEN ONE. For a team that is “built,” according to their Head Coach, they sure didn’t show it in this one.

Special Teams Player of the Week: The Jaguars only had 2 kick returns and neither of them were explosive. That leaves us with Jason Myers, who played well, but wasn’t asked to do much (although that’s because the rest of the team played so poorly).  But when he was called upon, he was perfect.   The rookie kicker made his only field goal attempt and made both of his extra point tries. In addition to being perfect kicking it threw the uprights, he also didn’t allow the Patriots to return any of his kickoffs. Myers is quietly putting together a strong first season as the Jaguars’ kicker — here’s to hoping he keeps it up.

There’s not much else to say about this one. The Jaguars were lousy in almost every aspect of the game — but all is not lost. The Jaguars are still tied for first place in the AFC South and have a matchup with division rival, Indianapolis, next Sunday. If they win that matchup they will remain atop their division, and the sour taste of this embarrassing defeat will be replaced with the sweet, sweet feeling of victory.

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