Allen Robinson must score for Jacksonville Jaguars


Allen Robinson is not going to be the lone weapon for the Jacksonville Jaguars to begin the season, but he is expected to be the primary weapon.

With tight end Julius Thomas out for up to a month to start the 2015 season, a lot of the offensive production falls to Robinson. He will be expected to be a reliable receiver who can succeed with extra attention placed on him and he’ll be expected to score when needed.

This is an expectation placed upon him by the Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff and by quarterback Blake Bortles. They expect Robinson to “pick up slack” in the red zone, giving the Jaguars scoring opportunities without their prolific tight end.

One of the players to keep an eye on through the 2015 season, Allen Robinson is expected to take a major leap during his second year of professional play. Last year he only managed to put up two touchdowns. He had just five red zone targets in his rookie season. Now he is expected to take a step forward in year two.

Hopefully it won’t fall only to Robinson, though. With fellow wide receiver Allen Hurns expected to step up as well and rookie running back T.J. Yeldon getting his first start, the Jaguars should still have plenty of offensive weapons.

As the primary weapon, however, the team will be looking to Robinson to prove his value. He must score for the Jaguars.

With a Carolina Panthers secondary that may not be complete for the 2015 opener, Robinson could capitalize in Week 1.

Players like Allen Robinson are expected to breakout and be effective. He wasn’t a second-round pick to sit the bench and provide 500 yard seasons in relief. He understands what is expected of him and he knows he must be a playmaker. This is the standard to Robinson and he is approaching it as a professional, saying, “I still have to go out there and make some plays for my team. I can’t think about it too much. We have a great receiving corps and a great group of tight ends, so it’s the same for me.”

He is one of many options for Blake Bortles, but as the primary option he will be relied upon. He must get in the end zone and he must score for this developing offense.

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