Allen Robinson belongs on your fantasy football team


Allen Robinson has some serious hype heading into the 2015 season.

He’s widely regarded as a breakout candidate both for the Jacksonville Jaguars and for fantasy football owners.

With 548 yard season under his belt, Robinson hopes to build on a decent rookie campaign that ended abruptly due to injury.

Last season, Robinson managed those 548 yards in just 10 games with only eight starts. With a full 16 games healthy, it’s not unreasonable to assume he could be a 1000 yard receiver for the Jags and for your fantasy football team.

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Writer Matt Harmon believes that Allen Robinson’s big breakout

could put him on par with players like Odell Beckham Jr

. In particular, he notes how much more balanced and successful Robinson was as a receiver. This maturity in route running and managing to excel in multiple roles is what makes him such a big breakout candidate in comparison to his other 2014 NFL Draft class peers.

With Week 1 against the Carolina Panthers quickly approaching, wondering what a guy like Robinson can do for your fantasy football team is a common topic. Joe Soriano over at NFL Spin Zone takes a crack at it, noting that the Carolina Panthers don’t have corner capable of covering Robinson one-on-one. He’s a solid bet for 10+ targets and could find his way into the end zone.

So why are people waiting so long on drafting Allen Robinson for their fantasy football teams?

Right now, Robinson has an 80 average draft position across the major leagues. NFL site leagues drop him down to 130 (excellent value) while people in a Yahoo! league appear to be high on Robinson, picking him up as high as 65.

Yahoo! players seem to have it right. Robinson is expected to outperform his ADP and will likely reward those who are willing to take a chance on a Jacksonville Jaguars player. He is firmly cemented as the Jags’ number one receiver and will get more than his fair share of looks – especially with tight end Julius Thomas for up to the first month of the season.

There’s a consensus around Allen Robinson’s draft position among wide receivers, bringing his ADP at 31. Are there really 30 other receivers who are going to get as many looks as Robinson in other offenses? That’s doubtful.

You should take advantage as a fantasy football owner. Robinson is capable of getting 130+ targets (which he was on pace for during his rookie campaign) from Blake Bortles in his second season. If he catches just 60% of those (which is low, as he caught 63.2% as a rookie and will improve) and averages close to his 11.4 yards per reception from his rookie season, then you have a top-flight receiver on your hands. He’ll be pushing 1000 yards and that’s if he shows no improvement from his rookie season.

Allen Robinson is more than capable of exceeding his rookie campaign and putting up much better numbers in year two.

You’ll have a stud wide receiver on your hands and can focus on drafting top-flight running backs before him.

So, what are you waiting for!? Get out there and put Allen Robinson on your fantasy football team.

He belongs there.

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