Blake Bortles shines after slow start to scrimmage


The Jacksonville Jaguars held a scrimmage Saturday night at Everbank field, giving fans their first glimpse at what the 2015 iteration of the ball club will look like. Essentially a simulated game, the Jaguars put together a fun showing for fans.

The night started off extremely slow for the offense, as quarterback Blake Bortles barely had time to get rid of the ball. The defensive line was providing increased pressure thanks to additions like Jared Odrick, and the offensive line was still getting used to playing together.

Despite a shaky start, second year quarterback Blake Bortles got into a groove midway through the scrimmage and put together a handful of impressive plays.

The first was a beautiful throw down the sideline to Allen Robinson:

This is the kind of play we should see often in 2015 as Bortles and Robinson finally have time this offseason to build a strong rapport.

Later on, Bortles found his newest offensive weapon – Julius Thomas – for a touchdown via a gorgeous fade to the corner of the endzone:

There’s so much to like about this play: the route by Thomas, the formation and matchups, and the touch by Bortles throwing a tough pass. The Jaguars have the skill players to make plays like this happen now and that’s extremely exciting.

Perhaps the most impressive play of the night by Bortles was an incompletion. On this play, Bortles climbs the pocket and delivers a picture-perfect throw to Allen Hurns, who unfortunately sees the ball trickle through his fingertips. Although it was dropped, it was a the kind of gutsy throw that will eventually separate Bortles from the pack.

Bortles capped off the night with another touchdown and overall he had a solid night.

It’s just a scrimmage, but the offense flashed some big play ability. The defense is clearly ahead of the offense for the time being, but the talent is evident and there’s reason to get excited moving forward.

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