Mel Kiper Mock Draft: Jaguars Take Leonard Williams


The final Mel Kiper Mock Draft has come out and he has the Jacksonville Jaguars taking USC defensive tackle/end Leonard Williams at third overall.

The Jaguars, who were mocked Amari Cooper by Kiper-McShay previously, shift to a different side of the ball on draft day. Previously, they had given the Jaguars Cooper because they did not believe the team had a true number one receiver on its roster.

"Neither Allen Robinson nor Marqise Lee is a true No. 1 receiver, but that’s what Cooper has the potential to be."

I am a big fan of Cooper, but the Jaguars are looking at other positions right now besides wide receiver. Having Cooper would help build around Blake Bortles more (which is a must for the team) but he won’t help strengthen a defense that has been faltering lately. The defense has gotten most of the attention so far in 2015 NFL Mock Drafts so it makes sense in this final Mel Kiper mock draft that the Jaguars are given a key defensive piece in Williams.

At third overall, getting the best player in the draft is a dream. It’s an absolute blessing that the two spots before the Jaguars are bogged down in quarterback quandary-land and the Jaguars will have a choice of picking whomever they desire at third. It’s tough to let Williams pass you up when he falls to you, so it’s important that the Jaguars know they want to have him. If what some people are saying is true, then the Jaguars won’t be going after Dante Fowler Jr. which makes this pick of Leonard Williams a bit more likely.

General manager Dave Caldwell is committed to building this team the right way and going after the best player available is a wise move. Count me on board.

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