Jacksonville Jaguars Get Amazing Haul in McShay-Kiper 3-Round Mock Draft


We’re less than a week away from the 2015 NFL Draft, so analysts are starting to pull out the big guns in relation to their analysis and prop pieces. The big guns – Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. – over at ESPN recently did a joint mock draft, and the Jacksonville Jaguars were extremely fortunate with their haul. Here’s how their three first picks played out:

"3. Jacksonville JaguarsMcShay’s pick: Amari Cooper, WR, AlabamaThis is a tough call between Cooper, the best WR in the draft, Dante Fowler Jr., the best edge rusher in the draft, and Leonard Williams, the best overall defensive player in the draft. But Cooper is the No. 3 player on my board and fills a need. Neither Allen Robinson nor Marqise Lee is a true No. 1 receiver, but that’s what Cooper has the potential to be.No. 36: LB Vic Beasley from Clemson (Kiper’s pick).No. 67: CB P.J. Williams from Florida State (McShay’s pick)."

Let’s go ahead and ignore Amari Cooper at 3 for now… how on earth did Vic Beasley make it all the way to the second round?! I know McShay and Kiper aren’t super high on Beasley, but it’s pretty farfetched to think he’ll it make to the 36th pick in the draft. It would be a pipe dream for the Jaguars, and I think David Caldwell would sprint to the podium in this scenario. It’s all moot since I think there’s virtually no chance of this happening, but it’s an interesting situation to dream up.

McShay has been pushing Amari Cooper to the Jaguars for a little while now, and I honestly don’t get it. How much better is Cooper than the rest of the receivers? Is Cooper really on the level of guys like Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, or Julio Jones? I don’t think so, and I don’t think the Jaguars should take him at number 3. I’m sure he’ll be a good player, but I’m not sure he’ll be an elite receiver.

Taking a cornerback in the third round shows me how disconnected Kiper and McShay are with the Jaguars’ needs. The Jaguars have their two starting cornerbacks locked in with Demetrius McCray and Davon House, and they have a starting slot corner in Aaron Colvin. Dwayne Gratz and Jeremy Harris are quality depth, and the Jaguars have a significantly more dire need at safety. Unless they envision Williams playing safety, this pick doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Either way, this is a quality haul for the Jaguars, if only because of the impossible scenario of Beasley falling to the second round.

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