Vic Beasley Draft Rumors: Jaguars Interested


Vic Beasley is climbing NFL draft boards quickly.

Vic Beasley put in the work in college.

Vic Beasley put in the work at the NFL Scouting combine and other workouts.

Now, Vic Beasley may finally be rewarded by becoming a top-three pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Well, that is if you believe the 2015 NFL Draft rumors that surround the pass rusher. Or, really, any of the analysis that we post. It’s no secret we like Vic Beasley. We think he is pro ready and we think he is one of a handful of possible 2015 picks who could help revolutionize the young roster.

There are other players – namely, Amari Cooper, Leonard Williams, Kevin White, and Dante Fowler Jr. – that would be excellent picks for the Jaguars as well. Beasley is just climbing faster than the rest and he is rightfully getting noticed as the 2015 NFL Draft creeps closer and closer.

Ian Rapoport is the guilty party of the latest rumors, suggesting that the Jaguars are definitely interested in Beasley (as they should be) as they bring in a host of young players to work out with today.

As we know, the Jaguars are more than happy to trade out of the third overall selection. The team has needs that are filled with deep positions in the 2015 NFL Draft, especially at pass rusher. A guy like Vic Beasley may be coveted by one or two teams (Jaguars included) but he may still fall out of the top five and the Jaguars certainly wouldn’t mind being there waiting to pick him.

Ultimately, the team is flexible and none of us know what general manager Dave Caldwell wants to do. He’s keeping his cards close to his vest and he’s not showing anybody anything until draft day, just like he did when he snapped up Blake Bortles with the third overall pick in 2014.

Just keep Vic Beasley in your mind when thinking of the Jaguars draft.

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