Is Vic Beasley ‘Pro Ready?’


Vic Beasley is an impressive 2015 NFL Draft prospect and he’s got more than enough talent to keep every team in the top half of the first round interested. He put together some stellar workouts this offseason and he has production in his college career to back it up.

For people teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, he will be tough to pass up in the first few picks.

Carl Cockerham over at With the First Pick may have made that decision even tougher, naming Vic Beasley among the top-10 NFL Draft prospects who are ‘pro ready.’ Pro ready is a term many of us throw out about potential NFL players as they gear up for the NFL Draft. A lot of pro ready players can step in immediately and be an effective part of a pro style offense or defense. Cockerharm breaks it down into impact and production, ability, and understanding so we fans can get a better handle on the concept.

Vic Beasley checks out on all three. To quote Cockerham’s overview:

"Vic Beasley is one of those guys that’s tailor made for any type of hybrid defense. He was defensive end in college with his hand in the dirt but has the speed and athleticism to play outside linebacker."

The Jaguars need that versatility in their pass rushers, especially since the team found success at multiple spots along the defensive line last season. If the Jaguars can consistently provide pressure with one player, no matter where he lines up, then the team’s already impressive sack numbers should jump up.

It isn’t just about sacks, of course. The Jaguars will also get more pressures, more hurries, more hits, and a player like Beasley will help by drawing attention to wherever he is, opening things up for other playmakers along the line, the linebacking corps, and the secondary.

Versatility does not ‘pro ready’ make, unfortunately. Vic Beasley’s past production is what really gets me. 52.5 tackles for a loss and 33 sacks in the final 39 games of his collegiate playing days says it all. That’s consistent play at a position you need consistency and high level play from. To have that level of impact on a regular basis would be a dream come true for any team that drafts him.

Cockerham is right, Vic Beasley is pro ready and to me that makes him more valuable than other pass rushers in this year’s draft.

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