Is Missing on Vic Beasley the Jaguars’ Worst Case Scenario?


Vic Beasley is getting a lot of attention lately (and we are unashamedly adding to it). From to Bleacher Report, the Jacksonville Jaguars are being linked more and more frequently with the Clemson pass rusher, suggesting is a perfect fit for the Jacksonville Jaguars’ LEO position.

The truth is, Vic Beasley would be great for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Recently, Ian Wharton at Bleacher Report put out a list of worst case scenarios for every team during the 2015 NFL Draft. For some teams it was downright scary. For the Jaguars, a bit less so. Wharton argues that the worst case scenario for the Jaguars is missing out on Vic Beasley at number three overall. As in, he’s gone.

Truth be told, that isn’t that bad of a situation. This may come down to how we all individually view the draft, but to me the Jaguars have a plethora of options at number three overall and Vic Beasley is just one of the top options. The Jaguars don’t even have to go with a pass rusher at the third overall spot if they don’t want to. It is a deep position in the 2015 NFL Draft so they could be comfortable with later prospects.

The Jaguars aren’t locked into Beasley. They know they have plenty of other options available to them.

If Beasley isn’t available at three overall then that means someone else is. The most likely candidate would be the best overall player in the 2015 NFL Draft: Leonard Williams. If a team before the Jaguars (currently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans) opts to surprisingly pick Beasley then the Jaguars will have another great player available to pick at three overall.

To me, not having Beasley available simply shuts one door and opens another.

If that truly is the worst situation for the Jaguars in this year’s draft, then they’re set up really well.

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