Does Vic Beasley Surpass Randy Gregory Following Failed Test?


Vic Beasley had a phenomenal NFL Scouting Combine and he rightly leapt up draft boards as a result. He was immediately considered among the best pass rushers of the 2015 NFL Draft, joining the conversation that had hovered around Shane Ray, Randy Gregory, and Dante Fowler Jr. Fowler improved his draft stock in his own right as well.

Ray has always seemed to be the after thought of the bunch despite decent college production and a favorable opinion by most everyone. Gregory and Fowler, however, have led the charge for nearly the past month as the front runners at the edge rushing position. Now that Randy Gregory has failed the NFL Scouting Combine drug test, his draft stock is falling. He’s a top-10 pick, but many teams could now be wary.

Considered a possible fit for the Jacksonville Jaguars at number three overall and other early-pick teams, we’re now left wondering if Randy Gregory is even an option. While I think he is, that doubt surrounding him leaves an open spot for Vic Beasley to assume.

Beasley is enjoying a solid offseason to get into the NFL, seeing his draft stock rise and rise. The Clemson outside linebacker has proven he is great all around athlete and will be able to slot into nearly any pass rushing situation that his future team may want to put him in. Fast, strong, and with a history of production, the All American brings double digit sacks over the last two seasons with him and an impressive 21.5 tackles for a loss in 2014.

Before, we were wondering if it would be Vic Beasley, Randy Gregory, or Dante Fowler Jr. They were always rather closely grouped. Now, are we just down to two?

It’s on Gregory that he failed his drug test, but he’s certainly still a good enough athlete to be worthy of a top-10 pick. Now, however, will he fall behind Beasley as he seems to get everything right in comparison?

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