Vic Beasley Explodes at the Combine


I would have to do some deep research to find anyone who has ever done better overall at the NFL Combine than what Vic Beasley did this year.  It was a performance that blew everyone away and I assure you, more than a few G.M.’s eyes popped open. Vic Beasley was a top performer in EVERY test!

He can bring the wood!

Let’s start with his power, his explosiveness, his ability to bring the wood.  I wrote earlier how Pat Kirwin detailed in an article posted on in 2005 that explosiveness is measured by the vertical leap, the broad jump and the bench press. By adding those three numbers up, you have an overall explosiveness factor.  He wrote “Those who know something about jumping, leaping and throwing weight around can see that a 70 is an excellent combined score”. Here is what Vic Beasley did:

  • Bench Press: 35 times
  • Vertical leap: 41 inches
  • Broad jump: 10.8 feet
  • Explosiveness rating: 86.8

That is insane, completely insane! I don’t know if there has ever been a higher total than that. Kahlil Mack was a stud last year and he did an overall Explosiveness rating of a 73 (23 reps bench press, 40 inch vertical and a 10 foot broad jump). J.J. Watt had an insane Explosiveness of 81 (34 reps bench press, 37 inch vertical, 10 foot broad jump). Von Miller had a 68!  Vic Beasley made Kahlil Mack and J.J. Watt look second rate. He makes Von Miller look like a weakling!

He can play fast!

Pat Kirwin also noted that playing football is not a matter of straight line speed as in the 40 yard dash. Football is rarely played in 40 yard track style sprints. The 20 yard shuttle is more like football, explode out of your stance and run 5 yards then change direction and run 10 yards and change direction again. A guy can have a mediocre 40 yard time, but a real good 20 yard shuttle. It means he is quicker than fast. Cecil Shorts was quicker than fast.

Vic Beasley posted the following:

  • 4.53 40 yard dash
  • 4.15 20 yard shuttle

Kahlil Mack posted this:

  • 4.65 40 yard dash
  • 4.18 20 yard shuttle

Kahlil Mack is quick and he brings stopping power. Vic Beasley very quick and brings more pop than Kahlil Mack.

Now Allen Robinson and Marquis Lee both had 20 yard shuttle times around 4.0, so they would get open verses Vic Beasley if he was covering them, but rarely does a linebacker get asked to cover a speedster receiver. Vic Beasley would eat up any Tight End in coverage.

This is where Von Miller earns his living. Von posted a 4.42 40 yard dash but a quick 4.06 20 yard shuttle. Von Miller is very very quick. Vic Beasley is just very quick.

The truth is Vic Beasley just showed he is very gifted player. The rest of it is between his ears. His body can play football at a Pro-Bowl level. I don’t know if he has the instincts and mental attitude to live up to it.  I can only say this, if he does, he will be beyond good.  I would not put it past Dave Caldwell to look seriously into this question.