Adrian Peterson not to Be Traded by Vikings Per Mike Zimmer


Mike Zimmer, coach of the Minnesota Vikings, was adamant that Adrian Peterson would not be traded by the Vikings on Wednesday at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Zimmer was understandable pestered by reporters about the Adrian Peterson situation but he was dismissive of any speculation about Peterson suiting up in anything other than purple and gold.

"I’m not going to speculate on what he wants or doesn’t want. He’s under contract for three more years with us and that’s why you sign these contracts, and why you get these big bonuses. We’re planning on him being back. We have no plans to trade Adrian. – Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer on Adrian Peterson"

For teams that have reportedly been possible destinations for Peterson – like the Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars, and especially the Dallas Cowboys – this may be crushing to the fan bases. Or it could all be a smokescreen, those aren’t uncommon during this time of year.

Frankly, Adrian Peterson is too expensive for most teams. Yes, the Jaguars could afford to pay him in Jacksonville, but not only do teams have to pay him but they also have to pony up some trade compensation to nab him. Those three more years with the Vikings are probably the final three years of quality running that Peterson will ever do so bringing him in this season would be the goal for teams that want him. But who wants to part with a first round pick to get a 30 year old running back? Worse yet, what if it is a bevy of picks for an aging running back? We don’t want a Herschel Walker situation on our hands (though it would be funny for the Vikings to do that to the Cowboys roughly 26 years later).

It’s right of Zimmer to put the kibosh on all the hoopla surrounding this non-situation with Adrian Peterson. The fact of the matter is that Peterson expected to be a Viking for a long time and they expect him to be so as well. Until we hear otherwise, it’s little more than speculation (even if it is running rampant). Now if he holds out, then we may be getting somewhere….

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