Adrian Peterson Trade Rumors: Jaguars a Possibility?


Adrian Peterson is unhappy with the Minnesota Vikings. It’s no secret in the NFL. The Vikings, to their credit, aren’t just going to let Adrian Peterson walk. So if Peterson wants to get off the Vikes, he’s going to have to be traded.

On Thursday, NFL insider Ian Rapoport mentioned two teams that could be potential landing spots during NFL Total Access: the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Arizona Cardinals. Both teams still need (want?) running back help, despite the Jaguars claiming Bernard Pierce yesterday.

The Jaguars were involved in the DeMarco Murray chase in the first week of the 2015 NFL Free Agency period but found themselves on the outside looking in despite having plenty of cap space to spend on a quality running back. Would the team be willing to give up draft picks and/or players to get Adrian Peterson?

That is the question.

The Jags have been willing to go big in free agency, but for the most part they haven’t been willing to trade away picks for players or other crucial foundational players – the type of guys that would be necessary to ship out for Peterson. Tack on the big question mark of Peterson’s ability to rebound after a year away and at his age (turning 30 tomorrow) and this looks like a potential deal that will never be done.

Of the two teams mentioned by Rapoport, the Cardinals seem far more likely to pony up the king’s ransom necessary to land Peterson, going so far as to run an article about it on their team site.

While it’s nice to see the Jaguars mentioned as players for another premiere talent in the NFL, it would be wise of Dave Caldwell and company to avoid offering up too much to land Peterson, even if he is an unique talent in today’s game. Expect Caldwell to be wise and stick with his draft board in 2015 and bring in players he knows can contribute and fill holes.

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