5 Superbowl halftime shows I’d love to see

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Number 2

The NFL halftime is a stadium filled with people ready to rock out. The trouble is not every act can pull off a stadium show. Black Eyed Peas are great, not in a stadium. There is only one act that can rock as hard as a stadium halftime crowd wants to be rocked, the mighty Led Zepplin.

Led Zepplin is not a fat old version of themselves like the Who showed to be. Led Zepplin invented stadium rock and can still vibrate every steel girder in the place.

There is no one who would want to see the second half of the game until they had at least 90 minutes of Zep. If they tried to do a halftime analysis or cut away for a commercial, it would be worse than the Heidi bowl. Mighty Zep at halftime, is there anything bigger?

I think there is one man, one group that could jam the crowd and pull off the spectacular……