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5 Superbowl halftime shows I’d love to see

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Number 1

You may not agree with me here, but listen to the logic.  Madonna did a pathetic attempt at staging a spectacle.  If you want to see a pure, over the top, spectacular with out of this world costumes plus deliver the music, there is only one man…

Star Child, the Atomic Dog, Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton.  Parliment is in session.

The coolest man on the planet?

Imagine overhead of the stadium a UFO hovers. Suddenly a voice bellows from the ship… Starchild, Citizens of the Universe, Recording Angels. We have returned to claim the Pyramids. Partying on the Mothership. I am the Mothership Connection.  The ship lands and George Clinton steps out dressed appropriately.

The Mothership lands..

Make my funk the P-funk, I wants to get funked up. In fact, once the ship lands maybe Prince and Beyonce would join him. George Clinton is the one man every other entertainer would be honored to show up for.

I am telling you, that would be a halftime show that would set the standard.