5 Superbowl halftime shows I’d love to see

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Number 3

When I think of the halftime show, I think of the lights going out, the stadium goes dark, and slowly a great light spectacular begins.  The NFL loves the spectacle of  light at halftime, but they never quite get it all together.

Sorry NFL, here is only one group that knows light shows and how to pull it off.  Pink Floyd.

Imagine the lights go out, pitch darkness and the opening chords of “Welcome to the Machine”. Pink Floyd can lay on the sarcasm and we all know what drives the NFL… “Money”. Get back, keep your hands off of my stack.  Then we close with the great gig in the sky.  You don’t even have to show the band, just blaze a light show from 5 circling blimps and let the boys play. 80,000 people standing motionless with their mouths hanging open.  Try topping that.

I would love it, but there are two acts that might be better…