Trevor Lawrence's social media may shed light on Jaguars' free-agency strategy

• One look at Trevor Lawrence's social media may reveal whom the Jaguars plan to sign in free agency.

Dec 31, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16)
Dec 31, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) / Morgan Tencza-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have begun to re-sign their own players but what they'll do once free agency starts is anybody's guess. Perhaps they'll bolster the interior defensive line or maybe they'll look for Darious Williams' replacement. Having said that, Trevor Lawrence's follows on social media might've tipped the Jags' hand.

Lawrence recently began to follow Mitch Morse, and Gabe Davis on Instragram. The former was released as a cap-saving move by the Buffalo Bills and the latter is set to be available in free agency. Both of them play positions the Jaguars may address in free agency, center and receiver, respectively.

Morse just met with the team's brass after visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers. Davis, on the other hand, could be signed to replace Zay Jones if he's a cap casualty, or Calvin Ridley if he leaves in free agency (a more likely scenario).

Going back to Lawrence's IG follows, there's no gurantee he added Morse and Davis just because there's a chance they'll sign with the Jaguars. Maybe he was updating his social media and both of them popped up as suggestions. Those who have social media know that platforms incentivize you to add or follow people that you may know.

Mitch Morse and Gabe Davis would be nice additions to the Jaguars

But even if Trevor Lawrence wasn't following either Mitch Morse or Gave Davis on social media, the Jaguars may want to sign both. In Morse's case, they're looking to upgrade the center positions. While they seem comfortable going with most of their offensive line from last year, they appear to be ready to pull the plug on incumbent Luke Fortner.

Fortner, a third-round pick in 2022, has made 34 consecutive starts but he regressed last year and was one of the main reasons the offensive line couldn't create running lanes or protect Trevor Lawrence. If the Jags were to sign Morse, they would either bench Fortner and have him learn behind him, or plug in Morse at center and look for Fortner's heir apparent in the draft.

Either way, Jacksonville might have a different starter at center in the opener, even if they pass on signing Morse. Davis, for his part, would be a replacement for Calvin Ridley in case he walks in free agency.

The teams' brass has made it clear they want Ridley back. However, they might have a hard time keeping him around without having to give up a their second-round pick to the Atlanta Falcons as they agreed when they traded for him.

Maybe the Jags will find a way to re-sign Ridley and keep the second-rounder but if they lose Ridley in free agency, Gabe Davis is an intriguing option in the open market. He's shown the ability to stretch the field the past two seasons and a potential reunion with receivers coach Chad Hall, his position coach in Buffalo, may incetivize him to join the Jaguars.

Now, Morse and Davis won't be the only options the Jaguars will have to make moves at center and receiver, respectively, but their familiarity with the coaching staff — Morse play for Doug Pederson when he was the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2015 — could incentivize the the team's brass to bring them aboard.

If Mitch Morse and Gabe Davis end up signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars, everyone will keep a closer look on Trevor Lawrence's socials. Conversely, the team will want to make sure he doesn't spoil their plans.

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