The NFL Duel: A Comparative Analysis of Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields

Stats, Madden rating, MVP race and fantasy projections, is the NFL top 100 accurate? Who comes on top? Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields?
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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Madden Ratings, The Virtual Gridiron Winner: Trevor Lawrence

Madden ratings are always a hot topic among gamers and football fans alike. This year's release of Madden 24 has sparked discussion regarding the ratings of Lawrence and Fields. Adding it to our debate between the two only makes sense if we want a fully disclosed and complete analytical comparison. 

Madden ratings reflect each NFL player's capabilities — from agility to strength to awareness. These ratings, which range from 0 to 99, are determined by the Madden Ratings Performance Adjustors. They assess the players' real-life performance and incorporate these insights into the game, creating a realistic virtual football experience.

The Trevor Lawrence Rating Controversy

Jacksonville Jaguars' Trevor Lawrence, the former Clemson standout and 2021 No. 1 draft pick, received an 82 overall rating in Madden 24. This rating has caused an uproar among fans, who believe Lawrence has been significantly underestimated.

Lawrence made notable strides in his sophomore season, improving every aspect of his quarterback play. He threw for 4,113 yards, 25 touchdowns, and only eight interceptions, with a completion percentage of 66.3 percent. His rushing touchdowns also increased from two to five.

These impressive stats earned him his first Pro Bowl selection. Moreover, despite a lack of high-end weapons on offense, Lawrence led the Jaguars to an AFC South division title and a Wild Card Round victory over the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Madden Rating: An Injustice?

The Madden rating of 82 placed Lawrence outside the top 10 quarterbacks, causing discontent among fans. Lawrence's rating puts him just one point below Miami Dolphins' Tua Tagovailoa, who received an 83 overall rating.

Critics argue that Lawrence is a superior quarterback in almost every aspect - from arm strength to mobility - and that his rating should reflect this. Lawrence has played every game for the past two seasons, demonstrating his durability, another point in his favor.

The Justin Fields Rating Debate

Chicago Bears' Justin Fields, another up-and-coming passer, has also sparked a discussion with his Madden 24 rating, having received a 76 overall rating.

Fields' Performance: An Overview

Fields had a solid statistical season despite the challenges of acclimating to the NFL. His performance is characterized by a strong arm, mobility, and the ability to extend plays - qualities captured in his Madden rating.

The Madden Rating: A Fair Assessment?

While Fields' overall rating of 76 may seem low compared to other quarterbacks, it's important to remember that he's still early in his career. His rating is more accurate but will likely increase as he gains more experience and continues to hone his skills on the field.

One area Madden dud Lawrence justice was his awareness at 83 compared to Fields 65. Bottom line with disrespect to both third-year quarterbacks, Lawrence edges out Fields 82 to 76, primarily due to his superior throwing power, accuracy, and awareness.