The NFL Duel: A Comparative Analysis of Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields

Stats, Madden rating, MVP race and fantasy projections, is the NFL top 100 accurate? Who comes on top? Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields?
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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Fantasy Projections Winner: Trevor Lawrence

Fantasy football has become an integral part of the NFL experience for many fans. Here's what you need to know about our two quarterbacks in this virtual realm. 

Regarding fantasy football, the Lawrence versus Fields debate takes a different turn. Both quarterbacks have shown significant improvement from their rookie year to their second season, with Lawrence's traditional pocket passing style providing a stark contrast to Fields' dual-threat ability.

Trevor Lawrence ADP #54

Lawrence will be a valuable asset in fantasy football this season. His potential playing time, array of offensive weapons, and skill as a passer make him an attractive option for fantasy team owners. 

Some analysts have Lawrence throwing for 5,000+ yards and 32 touchdowns. His Fantasy football projections are 4,090 yards with 27 touchdowns and 301 total fantasy points. This is another example of disrespect for the Jaguars quarterback: Despite his second-half performance of 2022 and fortified offense upgrade with Calvin Ridley and rookie Tank Bigsby, Lawrence is "projected to be less productive" in 2023. Don't buy it.

Justin Fields ADP #45

On the other hand, Fields is a bit more of a gamble. The Bear's offense makes his fantasy projection somewhat uncertain. However, his undeniable talent and potential for growth make him a viable option for those willing to take a risk.

Fields struggled as a passer but was electric as a scrambling passer. Scrambling quarterbacks always come with an added injury risk. However, Fields projected 2,970 passing yards with 20 touchdowns and 1,000 rushing yards with six rushing touchdowns for a combined 326 FPTs. 

Despite Fields' slight projected point advantage, Lawrence's ceiling, draft value, injury risk, and offensive weapons make him our fantasy projection winner.