The NFL Duel: A Comparative Analysis of Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields

Stats, Madden rating, MVP race and fantasy projections, is the NFL top 100 accurate? Who comes on top? Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields?
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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Preseason Performance Winner: Justin Fields

Lawrence saw limited playing time, as expected for all top quarterbacks. He played in two of the three exhibition games. He went 13 of 16 for 128 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

Fields saw less action than Lawrence but made a bigger impact. He went 5-of-9 in two games, throwing for 180 yards and two scores.

Lawrence's performances were slightly more complex; they showed "he is him," but Feild's big plays and highlight-reel edge out in the preseason performance. 

MVP Odds Winner: Trevor Lawrence

The MVP award is the ultimate individual accolade in the NFL. Here, we delve into the odds for Lawrence and Fields.

Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence's odds of winning the MVP award in his rookie season are intriguing. His potential impact on the Jaguars and skill set makes him a viable contender with odds of +1,500, the sixth-ranked player for the award. If Lawrence can improve on his 2022 season with new weapons, his possible 5,000-yard, 32-touchdown season will have this as a smart bet. 

Justin Fields

Fields faces a more arduous road to the MVP; however, a standout performance in the Bears' preseason closer could significantly boost his odds. He is ranked as having the ninth-best odds at +2,000, which is high considering the Bear's chances of making the playoffs.

From our findings, Trevor Lawrence is our hands down victor (4-1), he is him, the prince that was promised. This leads us to believe the NFL's top 100 list is irresponsibly inaccurate and borderline suspect. Fields 86 can be justified, but Lawrence should be closer to Justin Herbert's 2022 ranking of No. 40. 

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