Nathan Rourke's progress, other observations from Jaguars OC Press Taylor's presser on Day 5 of training camp

• Nathan Rourke has a shot at making the 53-man roster

• Nick Holz bring a fresh voice to the Jaguars' offense

• The coaching staff wants their O-Linemen to be versatile

Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterbacks Coach Mike McCoy gives instructions to quarterback C.J. Beathard.
Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterbacks Coach Mike McCoy gives instructions to quarterback C.J. Beathard. / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY
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3. The Jaguars want their offensive linemen to play multiple spots

Third-year pro Walker Little is set to step in at left tackle for the first four games of the 2023 season while Cam Robinson serves a suspension for violations to the PED policy. However, Little has also gotten reps on the interior offensive line during training camp.

This doesn't mean that he'll switch to guard once Robinson returns but the coaching staff is preparing for any potential contingencies and wants their big hog mollies to play different positions. During his exchange with the media, Taylor outlined what he expects from the offensive linemen.

"I think the best thing with that group is the versatility and you'll see guys throughout this thing shuffle around, whether it be playing the right side, the left side, inside, outside", Taylor said. "We're gonna have to see some guys snap at some point because we continue to see how could you contribute on Game Day if you're not a starter? You have to be able to play more than one spot really on the offensive line where you kind of pigeonhole us or you force us to move multiple people if something were to happen."

"So we'll continue to see that as we go, the biggest thing is when the pads come on, what happens still not live [contact] or anything like that. But there's like we said, there's an increased physicality as we move forward and it's probably not that one but yeah," Taylor said.

Tyler Shatley has the versatility to line up anywhere on the interior offensive line, having made 30 starts at all three positions over the last 30 years. Veteran Josh Wells can also play either tackle spot. Now, the Jaguars want some of their other linemen to be ready to switch positions in case injuries strike in 2023.