Nathan Rourke's progress, other observations from Jaguars OC Press Taylor's presser on Day 5 of training camp

• Nathan Rourke has a shot at making the 53-man roster

• Nick Holz bring a fresh voice to the Jaguars' offense

• The coaching staff wants their O-Linemen to be versatile

Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterbacks Coach Mike McCoy gives instructions to quarterback C.J. Beathard.
Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterbacks Coach Mike McCoy gives instructions to quarterback C.J. Beathard. / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY
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The Jacksonville Jaguars will benefit from continuity on offense next season. Not having to install a new system will allow players to build on last year's performance and play more instinctively without having to think about the route their running or the kind of protection they're use.

Offensive coordinator Press Taylor met with the local media on Day 5 of training camp and talked about how carryover is helping their players.

People talk a lot about Year 1, Year 2, really within a system", Taylor said. "So even our guys that are kind of third, fourth-year players, it's Year 1, Year 2 in a system. So you're seeing in the spring, these guys are very comfortable with what we're asking them to do. They understand the concepts. There's not as much thinking but you're playing the huddle. They know where to line up and know what they're gonna do, they know the adjustments if need be."

Here are other takeaways from Taylor's exchange with the media.

4. Nathan Rourke has a favorable chance of making the Jaguars 53-man roster:

Trevor Lawrence and C.J. Beathard are quarterbacks Nos. 1 and 2 on the depth chart, respectively, but Nathan Rourke is making a case for the Jags to carry three signal-callers into the regular season. An Ontario native, Rourke played two seasons in the CFL before signing with Jacksonville.

Throughout the offseason, Rourke has gotten praise from the Jaguars' coaching staff and Day 4 of training camp was no different, with Press Taylor talking about the progress he's made.

"He's done a great job in terms of growing from the spring through the summer into now training camp," Taylor told the media. "He's somebody that he and coach [Mike] McCoy spend a lot of time together. He's done a great job in that room with those guys. And he's somebody that's gonna get a lot of opportunities as well coming up these preseason games that we have high hopes for leading our offense."

Taylor goes on to say that the coaching staff isn't focused on their quarterbacks' stats but rather their ability to go through their progression and understanding the process within each play.

"The big thing with those guys is understanding what we're trying to do on each play and where to go with the ball playing on time. Throughout this training camp, we're really evaluating the quarterback process, not as concerned with what the stats may look like," Taylor said.

Taylor continued, "Because again, we're not scheming our defense, we're putting on plays but we want to understand we want them to understand the process within each play and how we get through our progression when we may through a certain guy in a certain times, but certainly the accuracy has been impressive".

The NFL changed the rules earlier this year, so teams can carry three quarterbacks without using a roster spot on Game Day. Given the progress Rourke has made, it looks like he's got a favorable shot of getting the nod for the 2023 season.