Jaguars: 3 wild trade packages that bring Devin White to Jacksonville

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a spot that most teams in the NFL want to be in badly. They are the up-and-coming young team that has all of the potential in the world.

It is potential that is the result of their now third-year quarterback that might already be one of the best in the league. They have also been good with their spending, trades, and drafting recently as well.

They made a couple of bad decisions that delayed the process in 2021 but they were right back on track in 2022. The only thing that could use some work is their defense.

One way to help this defense grow is to make a big trade for a very good player. Pro Bowl linebacker Devin White might be someone worth considering for them.

The Jacksonville Jaguars could make a big move this off-season.

He, according to lots of reports earlier this week, is going to be on the trade block as he has requested a trade away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If the Jaguars were to pull off a deal for someone like White, it might look something like this:

To Jaguars: Devin White - To Buccaneers: Future Second-Round Pick

If the Jaguars can get him for a second-round pick in any of the upcoming drafts, they should do it. He would improve their defense right away so that is why it is worth considering.

Giving up a second-round pick for a Pro Bowl-caliber player is something that can help propel this team forward.

A second-round pick might seem like a lot for a guy that everyone knows is on the market but that would mean that they outbid other AFC rivals that might be trying to land him.