Jaguars News: Devin White is someone that Jacksonville can trade for

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The Jacksonville Jaguars could use some help on defense. When people think of the team, they think of Trevor Lawrence and the potential for him to lead a high-powered offense. However, they can't win a Super Bowl unless their defense improves a little bit.

They could use help at every position on that unit. They aren't horrible on defense but there is just a lot left to be desired. With how good the offense projects to be one day, why wouldn't they try to improve in one way or another?

On Tuesday, news came out that Pro Bowl linebacker Devin White has requested a trade away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He wants out as he is coming up on his fifth year option. To be honest, requesting this trade at this time makes a little bit of sense from his point of view.

The Buccaneers made the playoffs in 2022 as the NFC South Champions but it came with a losing record. Tom Brady has since retired and it seems as if a long retool is ahead for that franchise. White wants to go to another team with a chance to compete.

The Jacksonville Jaguars would be a great fit for Devin White via a trade.

It is odd to say based on their history but the Jaguars fit that bill. They proved to everyone that they are on the rise and are close to becoming one of the premier teams in the league if they aren't already. How they finished the regular season and how they played in the playoffs turned some heads.

If they added a Pro Bowl linebacker to the group, that would boost everything about their defense. Risks need to be taken by this team and this is a risk worth at least considering. White isn't someone who is going to be the one missing piece but he can certainly help.

It is public knowledge that he requested a trade so it might not cost all that much either. The Jaguars might be able to land him through a cheap trade which would be amazing for everyone involved.

He'd get to stay in the same state, move to a winning team, and be somewhere where he is totally wanted. If the Jaguars plan on adding a good linebacker to the mix, Devin White could be their guy if they want.

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