Jaguars: 3 wild trade packages that bring Devin White to Jacksonville

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To Jaguars: Devin White - To Buccaneers: Future Fourth-Round Pick, Chad Muma

The Jacksonville Jaguars could really consider making a big trade here.

The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Chad Muma in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. He is a linebacker that went to Wyoming where he had a great player.

Now, however, there is a chance that they could trade him in order for an immediate upgrade. Devin White might be able to help an NFL team quicker than Muma who might take a couple of years to reach his potential.

Muma could go back to Tampa Bay and grow with them as a franchise as he heads into his second year looking for an expanded role. If he stays in Jacksonville, he might grow well there too but they are looking to make another deep run in the playoffs right away.

The fourth-round pick included with Muma for White would be because it is obvious that White is a better player at the same position.