Jaguars: 3 insane trade packages for Trevis Gipson

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a good team in this league. They are expected to win the AFC South with relative ease as the rest of the division doesn't have what it takes (we don't think).

Now, they rely on their offense for a lot of things. When you have Trevor Lawrence to go with tons of different weapons, you expect to score a lot of points.

However, if the Jaguars really want to elevate themselves into Super Bowl potential this year, their defense will need to be better.

Over the weekend, there was a report that the Chicago Bears received a trade request from pass rusher Trevis Gipson.

He would be great for the Jacksonville Jaguars this year. One of these three trade packages could get it done:

To Jags: Trevis Gipson - To Bears: Future Second-Round Pick

The Chicago Bears could make a good deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Would the Chicago Bears take a second-round pick for Trevis Gipson? Absolutely they would. You can even argue that it would be an overpay by the Jaguars.

However, in a season that you'd like to take a leap toward the first-ever Super Bowl championship in your history, it might be worth it to make an overpay for someone who can rush the passer.

The Jaguars would insert him and hope he is good right away. Sometimes, that isn't always the case with draft picks so you have to be smart with your drafting and trading.

If the Jaguars were a team that Gipson would accept a trade to as he seeks one out, both sides may be smart to get the deal done.