Jaguars: 3 insane trade packages for Trevis Gipson

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To Jags: Trevis Gipson - To Bears: Future Third-Round Pick

The Bears might consider taking the Jaguars third-round pick for Gipson.

Trevis Gipson is a very good player. He had his down year in 2022 on the Chicago Bears but everyone on their defense was bad.

it was not an easy situation for any of the players there as the talented ones weren't able to take advantage of their skills as well.

Now, on a good Jaguars team, Gipson could play very well. They have some very good players there now that could help the team take a step forward.

With all of that in mind, the second-round pick might be too much for the Jaguars to make it happen. He was a fifth round pick himself and he had a bad year in 2022 (albeit not all his fault).

If a third round pick is something the Bears could settle on, the Jaguars should consider it even more. He is a good player that can help them win.