Jaguars: 3 insane trade packages that bring in Austin Ekeler

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to be doing whatever they can to improve their team this off-season. Getting Trevor Lawrence as comfortable as they can is going to be a big part of it. They could use a bit more help on the offensive line but more weapons won't hurt either.

They saw Travis Etienne have a very good year for them in 2022. They certainly believe that he is a great back as they should. However, it doesn't hurt to have two guys to keep each other fresh.

It would also help to have two in case of an injury. Having a good running game will help the passing game as Lawrence starts to take a big step in his career. Solidifying himself as a top-five quarterback is on the table this season.

One running back that might be able to help here is Austin Ekeler. He has requested permission from the Los Angeles Chargers to seek a trade and was granted the ability to do so.

Austin Ekeler would be a great addition to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This is a back that is an elite threat in the run and the passing game. He is the complete package that would add a lot of touchdowns to any team in the league. If the Jaguars were a team he wanted to play for, it would be something to consider.

Adding a running back that is in his late 20s is always a risk but it is about time that this Jaguars team starts taking some risks. This fanbase wants to see them win the Super Bowl. One of these three trades might get the deal done: